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Aug 28, 2008 5:20 PM CST 3 contractors
mrsmiles4444mrsmiles4444Colonial Beach, Virginia USA42 Threads 560 Posts
3 contractors are in a terrible traffic accident, and die. one is Italian, one is Jewish, and one is a black man.
when they all arrive to heaven, they are greated by St peter who says, " HEY! what are you guys doing here?"

"what do you mean?" they asked " we died, and this is where we ended up. so being we're in heaven, we're in right?"

"Well, NOT ACTUALLY" said St Peter. " See, I've only have room for one of you guys, but being you are contractors, and the Pearly gates need a little fixing, you will all bid for the job, and the one who gets it, will remain, the others will have to go back."

so they each begin to look over the gates, and St peter first asks the black man to bid.

" what do you bid on the job?" he asked

" well ya see, I bid 9 thousand dolla" said the black man.

" and how did you come up with that bid?" asked St Peter

" well I gotta get parts, it is 3 thousand for my parts, 3 thousand for my labor, and 3 thousand for my profit."

"OK cool" said St Pater

Then he turns to the Jewish man and asks him to bid.

The man looks over the gates, and comes back with pen and pad.

" so what's you bid?" St Peter asks.

"vell ya see St Peter, I bid tvelve soundsand dollassss"

" and how did you come up with that bid?" ask St Peter

"vell I need 4 soundsand for my parts. I use the verry best parts. 4 thosand for my labor. I give the verry best labor, and 4 soundsand for my profit."

" very good" said St peter

he then turned to the italian guy and ask, " and what is your bid?"

the Italian guy looked down the road to the gates and said. " " I bid 27 Dousand dollas"

"and how'd you come up with that bid?" ask St Peter

The Italian says

" look Pete, it's like this, 9 Dousand for you, 9 Dousand for me, and we get the black guy to do it for 9 Dousand..............
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Aug 28, 2008 5:26 PM CST 3 contractors
tipaly81tipaly81Moscow, Idaho USA71 Threads 15 Polls 1,334 Posts
giggle elephant
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