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Dead on Departure ( Archived) (1)

Sep 9, 2008 3:07 PM CST Dead on Departure
Galactic_bodhiGalactic_bodhiAkron, Ohio USA786 Threads 2 Polls 12,449 Posts
Failure to launch, failure to fly
What a wasted effort
What a futile endeavor
When does the plot thicken
Where does the hero come from
Dead on departure, oh yea,
Stone dead, deaf and dumb.

Shoulder all the burdens,
But the stains never fade away.
Purity is a matter of history
Something to academically debate.
Born again believer, self-deceiver
Some measures come too late.

Faith in tomorrow, but hating today
God yet another game that we play.
Be it a mansion or a gutter hovel,
They simper, slink, and grovel
Before an imaginary authority.

By the grace of the Unicorn
They can assuage their guilt
And pray to the father above
That the bad faith they built
Won’t affect his fatherly love.

Can’t buy forgiveness,
Can’t ever quite forget.
Wilted angel wings,
Fallen through, and down,
In disfavor with the crown.

Dead on departure,
Before the starting gun,
Dead on departure,
Before the rising sun.
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