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America is in trouble we need to pull together ( Archived) (81)

Sep 23, 2008 9:45 PM CST America is in trouble we need to pull together
cherokeemoon2cherokeemoon2grove, Oklahoma USA19 Threads 777 Posts
Srsb31: This is great . . . Wished they was more people in the world like us. . . We do need 2 do somethg asap. . . And this want be over after elction i dont think it will. . . People dont c it yet that has them good paying jobs. . Its hurts the ones that are single parnets that are making ends meet. . . And there jobs dont need them. . . and t bills r still there. . . we need 2 get up and show the lord that we are doing what we supose 2 be. . . I say ur a stronge woman! Just by ur message. . .
If ur talking to me,tk u dear,for ur sweet and very intelligent comment.
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