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I Leave You Now ( Archived) (2)

Sep 23, 2008 10:02 AM CST I Leave You Now
Galactic_bodhiGalactic_bodhiAkron, Ohio USA786 Threads 2 Polls 12,449 Posts
I leave you now
To ponder this thought
What net is God's net
And in it are we caught?

Forever is a long time
And fishing in eternity
Can be rather trying
We'll all know the truth
Come sundown in our lives
Why make others suffer
For in the end, everybody cries.

What you pass to others
Flows into the mind of God
And as you travel on your road
It returns to you from Nod,
And Cain was washed away
In the horror of the great flood
But his sin remains with us
Along with Abel's sacrificial blood.
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Sep 23, 2008 10:21 AM CST I Leave You Now
mindffulmindffulChicago, Illinois USA307 Threads 9 Polls 25,009 Posts
you said it ALL

thats how i feel

i dont know

i have 'experiences' i have all my life
they cause me to feel things and believe some things
which expand and shift and are very personal

what i believe is that there is so much i know i dont know
i have peace that i dont kow
and in the end we will know
and it will be what it is

ive no opinions on what one chooses to believe or feel
or take comfort from-its each of us to our own and thats i think-appropriate

this was really really echoing of my heart and mind GB

thanks-you know i love my neutrality
mayb thats what i cling to?

i bet im thge most agnostic follower of jesus ever-rolling on the floor laughing
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