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The new and improved annual Credit card fee. ( Archived) (2)

Sep 26, 2008 9:11 AM CST The new and improved annual Credit card fee.
fireliterfireliterAllen Park, Michigan USA635 Threads 17 Polls 7,934 Posts
ask yourself do you enjoy the freedom and convience of credit cards. I know the jet-setters need them for everything from lodgings and plane fare to even auto rentals. That being said, how much are youi willing to pay yearly for the next oh, 5 years?

at what price would you say "Hell no" I'll carry cash instead?

Afterall they are labeling this a credit issue... so those of you that have numerous Credit cards what a fare price to you.

I have 2 credit cards one is a oil company and the other is Visa. I have not used my oil card ever since they started the .08 per gallon service fee for using it instead of cash.
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Sep 26, 2008 1:09 PM CST The new and improved annual Credit card fee.
tipaly81tipaly81Moscow, Idaho USA71 Threads 15 Polls 1,334 Posts
confused Any time there is a fee attached to a card I generally decline the offer. I don't even have the insurance the card companies offer because i don't want to pay 30$ a month for the ins. and 10-15$ toward my principle. Then when I try to use the damn insurance thingy It is only good for ONE MONTH!!!!!!!very mad frustrated Yeah, I am speaking from experience here. Not going to do into details. sigh blues

I totally avoid the fee CC. If possiblegrin
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