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Benefits Of Yoga In Holistic Health And Well-being ( Archived) (1)

Oct 14, 2008 7:09 AM CST Benefits Of Yoga In Holistic Health And Well-being
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As much as yoga is becoming a popular trend, it is actually not newly developed technique. Yoga is a spiritual practice which began in India thousands of years ago. Yet through the millennia, the benefits of yoga have been retained. The benefits of yoga have been from then until now, and many people can attest to its efficacy. The Western world was initially reluctant to acknowledge yoga. But as time went on, scientific evidence supported its benefits. Yoga is in fact comparable to a holistic system of medicine. The practice is spiritual in essence and it focuses to attribute total control over the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person.

holistic health practice
is actually a form of traditional therapy. It has been developed purely based on the observations and principles of the constitution of the total being. Many people connote yoga to exercise alone. But the practice is more than that- it is a complete package for attaining holistic and total well-being. Within the science of this holistic technique are postures called the asanas. Meditation and breathing techniques termed as the pranayama are among its principles as well. As for the benefits, they are largely dependent of which kind of technique is practiced. The different forms of yoga include the Karma, Raja, Mantra, Kundalini, Bhakti, Laya, Jnana and Hata yoga.

Irrespective of the kind of technique, though, its benefits in stress relief and management have been substantiated by modern medicine. Indeed, yoga is more than an exercise with all its multifaceted benefits. Among its physiological benefits is the enhancement of all the major functional systems of the body. The excretory system, the endocrine system, the respiratory, musculoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems are boosted and fortified. Bodily balance and coordination are promoted as well. Major fatal diseases are warded off as cathecholamine, glucose and LDL cholesterol levels are regulated. Through constant practice, the resilience of the body in general is triggered.

Through the varied stretching asanas, the weight of a person is balanced without losing its strength. A
balanced mind and body
can be attained through the techniques. Among them are effortless movements or normalized static movement. Yoga is a means for natural health and healing as well-being is attained without strenuous exercise or taking of supplements. As for the psychological benefits, they are an appealing factor of this holistic health measure. Mood related disorders such as anxiety and panic attacks and even depression can be controlled and alleviated. An added advantage is the enhancement of personal abilities such as concentration, memory and learning skills in general.

And yet there is more. Socially, a person is more able to adapt to circumstances and their interpersonal skills are improved. More pronouncing are the spiritual benefits of yoga. Peace of mind becomes achievable with self-realization and the attainment of a
higher consciousness
. One can gain command over thought and breathing which all the more makes the practice a welcome means for holistic well-being. And holistic well-being is by all means a crucial factor in making living of good quality and worthwhile.
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