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Economical Turmoil... ( Archived) (1)

Oct 14, 2008 1:07 PM CST Economical Turmoil...
chivalryis1chivalryis1Papillion, Nebraska USA5 Threads 1 Polls 13 Posts
What do you all think will happen after the Presidency is finally come to pass. And we happen to have the new President. What might you think may change; what might come to pass. Do you feel that we are in an soon to be depression? Do you think the rich will stay rich, and they themselves may (May be a little far fetched and/or overly dramatized) become like street thugs, rulers of their area. Making poor common folk to do their bidding for a small price?

Just saying... we our selves are all in a economical crisis and it seems little is being done about it. I am just curious what others may feel is the NEW future for the U.S.?????jaw drop
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