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Hi Im Martia ( Archived) (2)

Oct 17, 2008 5:31 AM CST Hi Im Martia
MartiaMartiabenalla, Victoria Australia173 Threads 1 Polls 4,241 Posts
Hi just thought I would ask if any of you have been contacted by any scammers as I have had two in a row.I have reported them but they are getting smarter all the time so here are their names and dont worry I am sure! needalover55 and jsweet19.
Just wondered if any of you have been contacted by these lowlifes or any other ones.Maybe its my age group they are attacted to if so they dont know what they are in for.

devil devil very mad very mad very mad very mad very mad very mad very mad devil devil
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Oct 17, 2008 5:44 AM CST Hi Im Martia
brokenspiritbrokenspiritLittlespot, Nebraska USA53 Threads 803 Posts
Hi Martia, First of all welcome to CS. A great bunch of people here and I find the best way to make some new friends is to hang out in the forums.
I have not received anything from those two but have others. I just delete and forget about them.cswelcome
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