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Letitroll's 1st annual Halloween contest!!!!! ( Archived) (62)

Nov 1, 2008 2:25 AM CST Letitroll's 1st annual Halloween contest!!!!!
letitrollletitrollphoenix, Arizona USA23 Threads 4 Polls 464 Posts
OK.... Its approaching the midnight hour.......

The answer to my last bonus question is:

The dogs were baked into a pie!....... then they were forceably fed into the critic by means of a large funnel till he choked.... and well...... I am sure you can imagine the rest..... laugh uh oh laugh uh oh
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Nov 1, 2008 2:19 PM CST Letitroll's 1st annual Halloween contest!!!!!
WhatUwish4WhatUwish4St. Augustine, Florida USA2 Threads 12,827 Posts
letitroll: Lol..... One year when I was a kid, it was a wet Halloween, and I didn't know I had a hole in my paper bag....... All you would have had to do was walk behind me and pick it up!......

Its ok though..... in those day we got 3 bags full of candy, because we trick or treated (like everyone else did) till two o'clock in the morning..... Ahhhhhh.... those were the days.....

comfort comfort comfort
I bet as a kid that was a major league bummer!
sigh sigh sigh
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