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The Complete History of My s*xual Failure ( Archived) (2)

Nov 6, 2008 4:57 AM CST The Complete History of My s*xual Failure
jbibizajbibizaIbiza, Balearic Islands Spain133 Threads 6 Polls 7,679 Posts
I just finished watching a brilliant documentary called "The Complete History of My s*xual Failure" and highly recommend it.

An English guy is realizing that he is constantly being dumped by women and decides to try and figure out why and arranges to interview some of his ex girlfriends. The journey it takes him on is at times hilarious and at times quite touching... especially towards the end.

You can watch it on your computer at The copy is quite good quality... since relationships and the issues that surround them are quite paramount in most of our lives... or we wouldn´t be here... laugh I just though that I would pass it on.

Hope you enjoy it!! If anyone else has seen it, please let me know what you´re thoughts about the movie were.
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Nov 6, 2008 6:03 PM CST The Complete History of My s*xual Failure
jampetjampetwexford, Wexford Ireland40 Threads 1 Polls 3,914 Posts
will try to see it this weekend- thanksgrin
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