Are tall & slender women a dying breed???

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Cabopino, Andalucia Spain

Re: Are tall & slender women a dying breed???
OregonFangirl: I'm six feet tall. How about you?

You´re too old for AlanStagg, the old perv´s looking for a teenage slutty type to spank
molly25 molly25

Hobart, Tasmania Australia

Re: Are tall & slender women a dying breed???
AlanStagg: Now this thread isn't intended to be offensive, OK? I'm just commenting on my observations...

Firstly... I'm totally hot for a taller slender woman. They just "do it" for me. Mmmmm... hahaha. By tall, I mean 5' 8" plus. Where are they?

The biggest collection of short "plump" & available women, in my observation, has to be in Brisbane. Next to that it has to be Wanganui NZ.

Yes, there are slender women there and here, but they're 5' midgets that clearly never ate their greens whilst growing into adulthood. Or, is it...


Why is it that Canterbury, Christchurch in particular, sprouts awesome tall and slender women and other locales don't? I think it stems from the attributes of the original settlers and the consequent breeding. Or... is it something in the water? lol.

That said... it's not only women. If you want to see (I know you don't) the most short and pot-gutted men you will ever see in your life...
then Napier in Hawke's Bay is the place to be. Truly... you will be astounded.

So... how's it going where you live Body Mass Index wise? lol
are intelligent men a dying breed? Seems so to me ... not many around who can look past what a woman might measure around the waist. Hint... read a book occasionally. Or do anything that might actually make you interesting.

Oh... also get in touch with reality.
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