old, how old ?

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whitehorse whitehorse

St. Paul's Bay, Majjistral Malta

old, how old ?
just a smooth question without complications hence a few should engage. what is the oldest object or objects you possess ??

: lots of old items but a few will do it. in my case i do have an old car i drive every day...1970, a brass knuckel dated 1811, and an old coin ( not kept in my cave ) from the time of Alexander the great, and his face when he was a teenager is on one side.

note: cannot stay on computer right now hence will not be able to comment or communicate any further. right now too much rain and wind where i am and the cave is leaking.

Luleå, Norrbotten Sweden

Re: old, how old ?
The oldest object I possess is perhaps a

Pocket dictionary, English-Swedish, from 1887 with hard cover.

Very useful today!laugh

I do have a pair of ski and some ceramic pots, older, but don't know the exact year.
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