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Nicosia, Nicosia Cyprus

Re: Real interest or time wasting?
here, years ago i met a very good and good looking woman, and we was speaking about marriage...

so is possibile...

this is just a meeting point, if somebody is interested for more, will not wait long to do it :)

Limassol, Paphos Cyprus

Re: Real interest or time wasting?
Len05: i find the site quite good.
Off course 90 percent of what is on the site doesn't interest me.
And then 9 percent of the women don't ever bother to answer.

But good. i can live with 1 percent, i don't need so many.

I've met good people thanks to this

-This is very true, i also met real people.But i am realistic: looking for someone from the different country or different content make things not real.I met people from my country, i went for a coffee,a dinner,with some of them i had relationship-3,6,months,once it lasted-2 years!I know why it did not work for something permanent-:)

How to exclude scammers?-just ask viber,whats app or Skype and chat face to face.It is not dangerous-you always can block the person if you don't want to see him/her again.

I do not understand why somebody says that asking for Skype is means you are a scammer;

As for good or bad english -sure,it is a matter of education level,recently i spoke/ chatted in Skype with a construction worker from UK-he was pure english man, his english was much worse than mine-:))

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
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