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Brugge, West Vlaanderen Belgium

Re: Age is Just a number
HotSpace: Well, this is my first thread. I'll write you what I think. I think in love there aren't age difference, of there is, is just a number. I think two peoples when they agree each others and they love each others, will be ok! I think in love dosen't exsist younger or older, I think in love exsist LOVE!
That's all !

There are many types of love, from self-love to romantic love.

there is absolutely No obstacle to love, Agape is unconditional love. It is love by "choice" even if you are not pleased.
so, in love doesn't matter ages.. but in Eros feeling yes! age difference matters...

Eros is the physical "s*xual" desire, intercourse. It is the root word of erotic, and eroticism.


Biarritz, Midi-Pyrenees France

Re: Age is Just a number
there is a saying in french, that we are as old as our arteries laugh
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Doncaster, South Yorkshire UK

Re: Age is Just a number
What a lovely statement and so true
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freibug, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

Re: Age is Just a number
the title of this thread is:
age is just a number,
but most here writing about love and money and.....

so it is right: age is just a number, nothing more

and if those numbers in a partnership are too different then it is not real love, it is more business and calculation, but important is that both may be happy
Re: Age is Just a number
Age is a number and the numbers are relentless
Re: Age is Just a number
Yeah that's truly awesome, age is just a number that you can't imagine how come how about it
Re: Age is Just a number
I agree with you.. Love is from God.. its God who fill hearts with it.. so age /race doesnt matter
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