Forum Rules

  1. Diversity in the forum creates a great place to share opinions with members worldwide and the opportunity to learn from others of different cultures, religions, experiences, location, education, age, and language. But it also leads to very heated discussion at times. So enter the forum with tolerance and an open mind.
  2. Treat others the way you would like to be treated – with respect - be polite, considerate, with no personal attacks, name calling, harassment, bad language. This is a place for discussion, debate, even disagreements – but not arguments just for the sake of arguing or aggravation.
  3. No soliciting of any kind for websites, charity or petition sites, products or services, or directing people to other websites.
  4. Keep the threads positive. If you don't like what someone is saying, leave the thread.
  5. This Forum is for public posts only. To email one-on-one with another member, use the "Email" button on that member's profile. The forum is not a platform to play out private arguments between members, or to expose the wrongs of others. Keep private discussions to email.
  6. No explicit, sexual, offensive, insulting or vulgar language.
  7. No derogatory or offensive references to sex, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
  8. No HTML.
  9. No personally identifiable information, emails addresses, phone numbers, addresses or URLs. This is for your protection.
  10. No bashing of this site or the moderators here. This is a free site...if you don't like the way things are handled here, you are as free to leave as you were to join.
  11. There are no member-moderators on Connecting Singles. Anyone that pretends to be a moderator or pretends to work for will be banned.
  12. Do not post copyrighted or trademarked material or image unless you are the copyright or trademark owner or have owner's permission to post it.
  13. No flooding. This causes other threads of members to sink down the lists and get missed by readers. Be considerate, use common sense and enter a reasonable number of threads per day.
  14. Do not post copies of private emails or complaints of other members. Complaints or reports about members or the site should be sent to Contact Us – not posted in forum.
  15. Emoticons- respect site resources and page load time of members with slow computers. Limit use of emoticons to 3 emoticons per post. Each post must express your idea or opinion in text of at least one sentence. Posts with less than one sentence, gibberish, or with emoticons-only will be deleted.
  16. Enter threads to proper category. Stay on that topic when posting
  17. You must have a clear topic to start a thread. "I’m bored" or "goodnight all" is a statement, not a topic! If you don’t have anything to say, don’t waste space saying it.
  18. Topics of threads must be clearly stated in titles. All posts within that thread must address the topic described in the title. You may discuss a dislike for a forum topic. You may NOT discuss your dislike for a forum poster or make fun of them for posting it.
  19. Thread title may not include a member’s username. Topic may not be a question or information about a Connecting Singles member. This is gossip and is not allowed.
  20. It is not a CS Moderator's job to sit in threads and make sure you post the right things here. Posts or threads that violate the rules will be deleted without notice.
  21. You may not use the forum to accuse, ‘expose’ or gossip about other members. You may not include copies of mail you receive from or about others, or about the site.
  22. Threads containing large numbers of inappropriate posts, or numerous posts by a forum offender, will be deleted in entirety. This is for quality control. It is not a comment or reflection on non-offending posters or the originator of the thread.
  23. Read the rules. Site offenders may be banned from posting or removed from site without notice or warning. Staff decisions are impartial and final. Don’t waste time or forum space complaining about them. No member has any authority or preference here.
  24. Report, do not support or encourage forum offenders
  25. Think before you post! Posts should be considered permanent. A wide audience views these forums. Your profile and posts represent you to viewers. You will be judged by your words. Don’t ask to have them removed.
  26. Get Togethers are planned and organized by members for the purpose of getting to know other CS members. They are not funded, sanctioned or managed by Connecting Singles. Participation in these events is voluntary, and at your own risk and expense. Information regarding Get Togethers is posted by members in Forums for your information. Connecting Singles is not responsible for these activities in any way.

CS staff cares and respects our members. This is a quality, free site. Posting here is a privilege. Act accordingly!

If rules are not followed or complaints are received, your posts and/or profile may be deleted.

Content posted in forums becomes the property of Connecting Singles Inc. (This gives the right to permanently display material or written work that you enter. makes no other claim to your writing).

By posting in the forums, you agree that you understand and will abide by these rules.