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On balance do you think Cameron's government is good or bad for the country?check_mate8570Apr 2013
why is or maybe its me , it seems more people are interested in what they can get rather than what tcanthelpbinshi4600Apr 2013
What do YOU do??MysticMan0005920May 2013
Would you rather be able to...real_khan4880Nov 2013
How many people use ?real_khan6010Nov 2013
... Which do you prefer ...MadBushpig5200Nov 2013
motor sports vehicles that you actually participate in?dynas4230Dec 2013
When viewing a profile do you ever check out what entertainment (Music,Movies,T.V.) they are intereslonelyhopeless1,5290Jan 2014
HappyUlimaroa5800Feb 2014
cs familyali110292-1Feb 2014
When you o*gasm hardWickedMachinist284-1Mar 2014
Your Favorite Barclays Premier League Team -facepalm4720Apr 2014
which one will you go for?Alexandro106040Apr 2014
What do you do if you know that your Ex who you still care for very much is being baited by a catfisMised25450Apr 2014
Donald Sterling Part 1MrRick774670Apr 2014
Donald Sterling Part 2MrRick775150Apr 2014
Questions on Irish travelers.Let your vice be heard !! yes/no questionsRoseaBellBlues340-1May 2014
Do people turn their photos in the wrong position deliberately to get attention?Brianebartlett6420May 2014
Popular Past-timesminnieme25620Jun 2014
Whats your pleasure?-Would you rather be - one of these items below,or single and alive?loyalover4u5460Jun 2014
predateDavethedog9130Jun 2014
which ole school song by sugar ray u a likesweetiefireball5020Jul 2014
Will the Leafs trade James Reimer?Brianebartlett6480Jul 2014
Should the Leafs trade James ReimerBrianebartlett7550Jul 2014
Great speech or no ?MrRick776580Aug 2014
The Best Browser for CS ispostneoludite7010Aug 2014
Should NFL go strictly to NFL ticket ?MrRick777300Oct 2014
HOW HAS 2014 BEEN FOR YOU OVERALL SO FAR?BadCompany7098160Dec 2014
U.S.Government Poll on Concensus,Opinion and Cobsult to it's People,by & For Them.loyalover4u8130Dec 2014
Who goes to Super Bowl ?MrRick778220Jan 2015
Relationship status in Malta - the real status!Leo_Qawra7270Jan 2015
R u rewarded for ur search for ur special person here on CS?Snookums38350Feb 2015
Jamaican girl told unpopular, poison, bill $13klikechips401-1Mar 2015
Do you watch: 'The Americans' ?SrPopper6650Apr 2015
Why do Mexicans like Morrisey so much?Randy3228530May 2015
simple>>are you voting for Trump or someone else?djteel8700Sep 2015
[img][/img]shubhrank1,3400Sep 2015
death n birth is true,why people scares from death? had you feel death people lives with usshubhrank9040Sep 2015
Is 'Incrementalism' by collectivists destroying morality, liberty, freedoms, natural rightsDDawson598380Oct 2015
Do Scammers work in pairs or three's, groups, etc on an opensiteDDawson591,3140Oct 2015
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