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Which Olympic sport would you want to see?BKN595300Aug 2012
The hockey match between Great Britan and Pakistan will resume in 10 minutes who will win that?Jack686710Aug 2012
ladies ,You Feel Betterali1106160Aug 2012
Women: Is A Church The Best Place To Meet Someone You Would Like To Date?allstarstarter5370Aug 2012
Women: Is A Church The Best Place To Meet Someone You Would Like To Date?allstarstarter5480Aug 2012
Women: Does An Organized Church Hold You Back From Being Yourself?allstarstarter5570Aug 2012
Which Olympics event would you want to see?BKN595420Aug 2012
I am gorgeous with.....Chocobloc7720Sep 2012
I am shy to.......Chocobloc8780Sep 2012
'Pony Cars'...New Sets Of Car Keys To Which One?raytheon11,1750Sep 2012
I have an appetite for.....Chocobloc7720Sep 2012
Who wins the next Prseidential debate?intomiltech6590Oct 2012
I am critical of my......Chocobloc7510Oct 2012
Finish line presidential pollRayfromUSA6260Oct 2012
which one do you preferangiedomi5950Nov 2012
its Actual Speed isali1106070Dec 2012
Cha cha Chia Pets, happy to give , receive, or regiftfjamesj97017140Dec 2012
When u get party at night, what the most u like when u woke up in the morning??ika_deshooters1,4270May 2013
Now that it is over is Jodi Arias Guilty ?MrRick771,2750May 2013
Does eating healthy and doing exercises really prolong your life?.Waterbearer634310Jun 2013
do we connect?Arbyboy7330Jun 2013
Do you think the US government was trying to incite riots over Zimmerman vs MartinCheckers1015980Jul 2013
What do you think about CNN airing protests in Turkey 9 hours non stop and playing Dolphin documentaorganicfeelin5110Aug 2013
A woman is more attractive in what feet attitre?ChoosieColin414-1Aug 2013
What new products will Tim Cook unveil tomorrow in Cupertino Ca?galrads8810Sep 2013
When I vote on issues in elections I mostly consider...StandardsFirst6570Sep 2013
How often do women think of having an o*gasm?paulness649-1Jan 2013
Did anyone ever participate in landmark education forum?starlitegirl8360Feb 2013
On balance do you think Cameron's government is good or bad for the country?check_mate9030Apr 2013
motor sports vehicles that you actually participate in?dynas4800Dec 2013
When viewing a profile do you ever check out what entertainment (Music,Movies,T.V.) they are intereslonelyhopeless1,5890Jan 2014
cs familyali110328-1Feb 2014
When you o*gasm hardWickedMachinist336-1Mar 2014
Your Favorite Barclays Premier League Team -facepalm5380Apr 2014
What do you do if you know that your Ex who you still care for very much is being baited by a catfisMised25970Apr 2014
Donald Sterling Part 1MrRick775470Apr 2014
Donald Sterling Part 2MrRick775820Apr 2014
Questions on Irish travelers.Let your vice be heard !! yes/no questionsRoseaBellBlues370-1May 2014
Whats your pleasure?-Would you rather be - one of these items below,or single and alive?loyalover4u6200Jun 2014
which ole school song by sugar ray u a likesweetiefireball5840Jul 2014
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