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Did anyone ever participate in landmark education forum?starlitegirl9670Feb 2013Go to Last Post
When I vote on issues in elections I mostly consider...StandardsFirst8150Sep 2013Go to Last Post
motor sports vehicles that you actually participate in?dynas6130Dec 2013Go to Last Post
When viewing a profile do you ever check out what entertainment (Music,Movies,T.V.) they are intereslonelyhopeless1,7270Jan 2014Go to Last Post
cs familyali110425-1Feb 2014Go to Last Post
When you o*gasm hardWickedMachinist457-1Mar 2014Go to Last Post
Your Favorite Barclays Premier League Team -facepalm6750Apr 2014Go to Last Post
What do you do if you know that your Ex who you still care for very much is being baited by a catfisMised27520Apr 2014Go to Last Post
Donald Sterling Part 1MrRick777140Apr 2014Go to Last Post
Donald Sterling Part 2MrRick777140Apr 2014Go to Last Post
Questions on Irish travelers.Let your vice be heard !! yes/no questionsRoseaBellBlues466-1May 2014Go to Last Post
Whats your pleasure?-Would you rather be - one of these items below,or single and alive?loyalover4u7910Jun 2014Go to Last Post
which ole school song by sugar ray u a likesweetiefireball7430Jul 2014Go to Last Post
Will the Leafs trade James Reimer?Brianebartlett9060Jul 2014Go to Last Post
Should the Leafs trade James ReimerBrianebartlett1,0520Jul 2014Go to Last Post
The Best Browser for CS ispostneoludite9710Aug 2014Go to Last Post
Should NFL go strictly to NFL ticket ?MrRick771,0270Oct 2014Go to Last Post
HOW HAS 2014 BEEN FOR YOU OVERALL SO FAR?BadCompany7091,1250Dec 2014Go to Last Post
WHO'S HOTTER? JESSICA BIEL OR JENNIFER LOPEZ.BadCompany7091,0750Dec 2014Go to Last Post
U.S.Government Poll on Concensus,Opinion and Cobsult to it's People,by & For Them.loyalover4u1,1000Dec 2014Go to Last Post
Jamaican girl told unpopular, poison, bill $13klikechips559-1Mar 2015Go to Last Post
Do you watch: 'The Americans' ?SrPopper9380Apr 2015Go to Last Post
[img][/img]shubhrank1,6360Sep 2015Go to Last Post
Do Scammers work in pairs or three's, groups, etc on an opensiteDDawson591,6140Oct 2015Go to Last Post
I say chaps ... beware of beautiful blondes bearing messagesHexagonKeySet396-1Jan 2017Go to Last Post
MarryKisskissee321-1Dec 2017Go to Last Post
In Your Eyesxibo805306-1Feb 2018Go to Last Post
She banned me from her threadLookin4missright271-1Mar 2018Go to Last Post
which M*A*S*H is better?SHAWNTHOR3740Jul 2018Go to Last Post
Some people are d*ck.....MisterForYou287-1Oct 2018Go to Last Post
If there were more games on CS and why?LuckyDuck20183830Jan 2019Go to Last Post
If you had money back your support what?LuckyDuck20182900Feb 2019Go to Last Post
Do you think - UK - is, was, never was, or never will be democratic?LeeCharming3000Mar 2019Go to Last Post
Who is your Gurugalrads3220Mar 2019Go to Last Post
The graduate - 1967 movie - which would you prefer?LeeCharming2880Apr 2019Go to Last Post
Anyone else going to miss Catastrophe?galrads3640Apr 2019Go to Last Post
I learned many Easy ways to Lose Weight now!artdsigns3470Jun 2019Go to Last Post
What does it mean when someone asks if you want to be introduce as their friend or bf/gf ?galrads2600Jul 2019Go to Last Post
What are men...most proud of?SHAWNTHOR3870Aug 2019Go to Last Post
The Hands of Time ... Are you born to live or do you live to diegalrads2460Aug 2019Go to Last Post
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