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After a while an aquintance come back messagin u...1,91852Jan 2013Jun 2013Jun 20
French Parliament Approves Key Clause in Gay Marriage Bill2,00356Feb 2013May 201320 hrs ago
Federal Agents hunt Jane Doe Child Pornographer FBI Appeal Trace Female Abuser Rescue Young Victim5181Feb 2013Feb 2013Jun 15
Place to visit in the States...1,90961Jan 2013Feb 20134 hrs ago
Bushing Women :D50613Feb 2013Feb 2013Jun 9
Italian unemployment reaches new high of 11.2%2,33895Feb 2013Feb 2013Jun 24
Vatican State1,88642Dec 2012Feb 201323 hrs ago
Define Cult of personality5664Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 21
who have ever been caught stealing?75819Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 23
Phone Numbers.....2,838123Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 24
Sarkozy's plans 'to dodge new 75% French tax rate by moving to London with wife Carla and setting up2916Jan 2013Jan 20136 hrs ago
Italy young girl 24 yrs old gets raped went to the hospital find out she's pregnant...1,99234Jan 2013Jan 20132 hrs ago
Things Women never will tell3,20465Dec 2012Jan 201324 hrs ago
Women Are Nuts Or Just Insane Sometimes???1,85756Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 23
Is anybody knowing this one?2,32562Dec 2012Dec 2012Jun 23
Dual Citzenship ALL CAN ANSWE TO THE QUESTION!2,52189Jan 2011Feb 2011Jun 11
Women and their meaning1,28924Jan 2011Jan 2011Jun 20

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