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Say .... Nothing, ... STF Up Thread #221,677769Mar 2022Jan 2424 mins ago
Without Projection, Do Others Actually Exist.1,78867Nov 2022Dec 2022Feb 21
There is no mind.2,22589Nov 2022Nov 202214 hrs ago
Trust or no ...1,04433May 2022May 2022Feb 22
~Love is Incapable of Asking For Anything~1,82559May 2022May 202215 hrs ago
I'd Only Just Surrendered.65712May 2022May 202218 hrs ago
Authentic Self2,261131Mar 2022Mar 202220 hrs ago
Oh No!49316Mar 2022Mar 2022Feb 16
Yes or No- Or No or Yes?2,12375Mar 2019May 2019Feb 20
Ken anybuddy spel rite2,28357Apr 2019May 2019Feb 21
My Post Wins2,42076Apr 2019Apr 2019Feb 22
Hangups And Things that Tie You Down.92428Mar 2019Mar 2019Feb 18
Whip It Up... How Comfortable Are You In It94329Mar 2019Mar 2019Feb 22
Nagativity - Do We Need It3,448152Mar 2019Mar 20192 hrs ago
Cindy Rella, Who Wants Her?1,26512Jun 2013Apr 2017Feb 13
Are you an Inconvenience in someone's life?1,69720Jan 2014Apr 2017Feb 22
Nursing Homes6782Jul 2013Apr 2017Feb 12
Perfection Exists, Can You See It?1,85845Feb 2014Feb 2014Feb 11
Are You ready to Go ...1,75131Aug 2013Aug 20131 hrs ago
Fluctuations5511Jul 2013Jul 2013Feb 13
Feminism: Bagged and Tagged.4,63077Jun 2013Jul 201314 hrs ago
WTF Do You Want?20,151185Jun 2012Nov 20121 hrs ago
Right and or Wrong6,32395Sep 2012Nov 201211 hrs ago
jono7 & BB_snickers Wish To Announce ...6,52692Jul 2012Oct 2012Feb 22
My gf broke her pie, What would you Do2,49940May 2012Jun 2012Feb 14
Human Nature vs Human Nature2,23968May 2012May 2012Feb 22
Differences in Being Love4,583122Apr 2012Apr 2012Feb 23
Discretion vs Gossip2,83966Apr 2012Apr 201221 hrs ago
Happy Birthday jono74,822106Apr 2012Apr 2012Feb 22
Fear vs Fearless4,43374Feb 2012Mar 2012Feb 18
All Your Questions Answered Here4,67778Mar 2012Mar 2012Feb 21
The Illusion Of Free Will11,679180Feb 2012Mar 20123 hrs ago
True Colors3,64365Feb 2012Feb 2012Feb 20
Being In Control3,66569Jan 2012Feb 2012Feb 22
Now Ya Done It1,22112Jan 2012Jan 2012Feb 15
You're ALL a bunch of ....1,69333Aug 2011Aug 2011Feb 22
IRAN - Taking Off1,09524Jun 2011Jun 2011Feb 11
Conflict Resolution6543Jun 2011Jun 2011Feb 22
911 Coming Under Fire11,657291May 2011Jun 201153 mins ago
The New Oil4160Jun 2011Jun 2011Feb 9
Why Are Women Soooo ...1,57027Jun 2011Jun 20114 hrs ago
Fraking- Coming to Neighborhood Near You.2,59854May 2011Jun 2011Feb 16

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