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I see Plenty of Blasphemers on this forum.84547Oct 14Nov 135 hrs ago
In honour of Lookin4missright3,267137Oct 17Oct 256 hrs ago
I have that number for you.6629Feb 5Apr 12Dec 12
Irish UFO Incident80513Oct 2017Mar 215 hrs ago
Not one for breaking tradition.3318Dec 2017Jan 214 hrs ago
hit me32616Dec 2017Dec 2017Dec 13
Geordi La Forge sets phaser To trump47922Nov 2017Nov 20178 hrs ago
Saturday is34712Nov 2017Nov 201718 mins ago
Is there a vote breakdown feature hidden somewhere stupid.3985Nov 2017Nov 2017Dec 11
Stay safe everyone65926Oct 2017Oct 201710 hrs ago
Which Conspiracy holds the Greatest Burden of proof pointing to its truth.83236Oct 2017Oct 2017Dec 12
Is Vladimir Putin the most powerful World leader in the Universe.88946Oct 2017Oct 201713 hrs ago
The little brat is going to knock over the domino's before they are even set up !1,16038Jul 2017Sep 201711 hrs ago
Good Acting or Simply Good Politics ?44820Aug 2017Aug 201719 hrs ago
What sound effect best describes your last date ?1,17051Jul 2017Jul 201714 hrs ago
Is being curious a questionable pastime ?54215May 2017May 2017Dec 13
Has any body seen my fish tank96062May 2017May 201721 hrs ago
Is it possible to prosecute and condemn a corrupt Government without Violent revolution.2,53865Dec 2013May 2017Dec 11
When you read this. Do you think74129Apr 2017Apr 2017Dec 11
The Bunker62129Apr 2017Apr 2017just now
Lost my only car key1,84225Aug 2016Apr 2017Dec 13
Yo America !2,444100Mar 2017Mar 2017Dec 14
Speaking of robots !36217Mar 2017Mar 2017Dec 8
Old BnW movie Suggestions96542Feb 2017Mar 2017Dec 14
looking for information1,13043Feb 2017Feb 2017Dec 13
Spoiled and Self Entitled55232Feb 2017Feb 20175 hrs ago
is Secularism a good thing78115Feb 2017Feb 201716 hrs ago
What is the funniest joke Genera.4693Feb 2017Feb 2017Dec 11
What will look better on the global body politic as the head of the free world.8938Oct 2016Jan 20171 hrs ago
"The Donegal Mafia" .2470Dec 2016Dec 2016Dec 12
TV Licence (new “broadcasting charge”)2,01063Sep 2016Nov 20166 hrs ago
Can I get a Whoop Whoop2,33536Sep 2016Sep 201615 hrs ago
Diaz vs McGregor 253618Jul 2016Jul 201613 hrs ago
free coins72318Jul 2016Jul 2016Dec 13
More of the same.1,39837Jul 2016Jul 2016Dec 7
Oh the joys of the age we live in5137Jun 2016Jun 2016Dec 13
Going green or seeing red38713Jun 2016Jun 201611 hrs ago
misconceptions or truths in media wildfires1,15929Jun 2016Jun 20162 hrs ago
Have you seen the eclipse with the naked eye90115Apr 2014Apr 2014Dec 13
Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea1,26343Jan 2014Feb 2014Dec 8
Who invented the word "Chillax"1,81112Jan 2014Jan 2014Dec 14
I hear the water rates are being introduced soon.1,78342Jan 2014Jan 201412 hrs ago

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