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The Point?28919Jan 19Jan 192 hrs ago
Crying51525Jan 15Jan 16Sep 16
What Games Did You Play as a Child indoors or Out?32116Jan 13Jan 13Sep 14
How Many of You Would Relate to This?.53720Jan 10Jan 12Sep 17
Era..1754Jan 6Jan 7Sep 14
Old Words67437Nov 2017Jan 619 hrs ago
Ponsonby1531Dec 2017Jan 1Sep 14
Chistmas Day....continued.1320Dec 2017Dec 2017Sep 15
Christmas Day1400Dec 2017Dec 20172 hrs ago
Bloody nose.1380Dec 2017Dec 2017Sep 15
Raw Religion1,26833Jul 2016Oct 2017Sep 16
My continuing proof that religion is bad.68822Jun 2017Jun 2017Sep 16
First it's 007 and now Batman is dead!86148Jun 2017Jun 2017Sep 17
A step nearer the grave.3557Jun 2017Jun 2017Sep 16
Now In Manila32710Jun 2017Jun 2017Sep 9
Farewell 00733914May 2017May 2017Sep 13
The People were duped1,57856Aug 2016Aug 2016Sep 15

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