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The Point?31019Jan 19Jan 194 hrs ago
Crying57725Jan 15Jan 168 hrs ago
What Games Did You Play as a Child indoors or Out?36616Jan 13Jan 1320 hrs ago
How Many of You Would Relate to This?.57720Jan 10Jan 12Dec 5
Era..2104Jan 6Jan 7Dec 9
Old Words73737Nov 2017Jan 6Dec 9
Ponsonby1761Dec 2017Jan 124 hrs ago
Chistmas Day....continued.1700Dec 2017Dec 2017Dec 7
Christmas Day1710Dec 2017Dec 2017Dec 2
Bloody nose.1520Dec 2017Dec 2017Dec 2
Raw Religion1,32033Jul 2016Oct 2017Dec 6
My continuing proof that religion is bad.80622Jun 2017Jun 20178 hrs ago
First it's 007 and now Batman is dead!93248Jun 2017Jun 201711 hrs ago
A step nearer the grave.3717Jun 2017Jun 2017Dec 7
Now In Manila35710Jun 2017Jun 201722 hrs ago
Farewell 00737914May 2017May 20173 hrs ago
The People were duped1,61556Aug 2016Aug 201618 hrs ago

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