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Is Christianity a Hoax?13,331502Oct 2013Mar 20173 hrs ago
Who is the owner of your thoughts?7,168170Mar 2013Sep 2016Dec 8
Braille strip clubs.1,1617Dec 2015Dec 2015Dec 5
Corinthians 1 14: 341,23430Nov 2014Nov 2014Dec 8
god4,546153Nov 2014Nov 2014Dec 10
The 3 Wars Of Albert Pike1,28248Aug 2014Oct 201421 hrs ago
I'm a hopeless case lol1,01731Oct 2014Oct 2014Dec 5
Dancing1,09839Sep 2014Sep 2014Dec 8
Biocentrism71519Aug 2014Aug 2014Dec 5
Ebola Virus1,16048Jul 2014Aug 2014Dec 5
Your Best Argument For Creation5,633240Jun 2014Jul 2014Dec 10
Who is dating these days?2,37473Jun 2014Jun 2014Dec 7
You must obey or else2,28161Mar 2014Apr 2014Dec 10
I need a dream analyst1,84341Nov 2013Mar 201414 hrs ago
Education- the meaning of56211Jan 2014Mar 2014Dec 3
Success outside of CS.1,24939Jan 2014Mar 2014Dec 7
Shark attacks3,25181Feb 2014Feb 2014Dec 8
The Best And The Worst Years Of Your Life1,84562Feb 2014Feb 2014Dec 9
Evolution1,05626Feb 2014Feb 20144 hrs ago
The atheist approach to love they neighbour.62515Jan 2014Jan 2014Dec 7
Einstein’s theory of relativity.3,16581Dec 2013Jan 2014Dec 7
If I said I was Jesus!!!4,152144Dec 2013Jan 2014Dec 10
Here is a scenario4,151138Dec 2013Dec 2013Dec 6
Dan Brown1,34537Nov 2013Nov 2013Dec 7
Palm Oil!1,89229Nov 2013Nov 2013Dec 8
The Purge3,39047Oct 2013Nov 201314 hrs ago
In Australia57115Oct 2013Oct 2013Dec 7
Play Lotto 15 numbers for few dollars61419Sep 2013Sep 2013Dec 3
mobile phones2,42832Jun 2013Sep 2013Nov 23
Feed a Family of four!!!2,42161Sep 2013Sep 201318 hrs ago
Tomorrow!1,12126Sep 2013Sep 2013Dec 4
Dinosaurs and the Fossil record.54016Sep 2013Sep 2013Dec 9
Interesting Random Pictures3,24288Aug 2013Sep 2013Dec 9
So Adams fist wife was Lilith?2,54849Aug 2013Sep 2013Dec 9
The First Jesus?3041Aug 2013Aug 2013Dec 7
Comet Ison is on the way.55312Aug 2013Aug 2013Dec 2
A Tramp stamp!3,48454Aug 2013Aug 2013Dec 10
Im over it!!!1,83154Aug 2013Aug 2013Dec 9
How do you feel about Telco sharing information?65813Jul 2013Jul 2013Dec 1
How much do you know about anyone?2,70164Jul 2013Jul 201312 mins ago
Spaceship2,53662Jul 2013Jul 2013Dec 9
The female agenda5,023113Jun 2013Jul 2013Dec 9

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