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Is Christianity a Hoax?13,037502Oct 2013Mar 201717 mins ago
Who is the owner of your thoughts?7,057170Mar 2013Sep 20168 hrs ago
Braille strip clubs.1,1317Dec 2015Dec 20154 hrs ago
Corinthians 1 14: 341,20730Nov 2014Nov 2014Sep 22
god4,478153Nov 2014Nov 2014Sep 22
The 3 Wars Of Albert Pike1,25448Aug 2014Oct 20149 hrs ago
I'm a hopeless case lol99031Oct 2014Oct 2014Sep 16
Dancing1,07539Sep 2014Sep 2014Sep 15
Biocentrism70319Aug 2014Aug 2014Sep 7
Ebola Virus1,13448Jul 2014Aug 2014Sep 21
Your Best Argument For Creation5,541240Jun 2014Jul 20149 hrs ago
Who is dating these days?2,31673Jun 2014Jun 2014Sep 22
You must obey or else2,23361Mar 2014Apr 20144 hrs ago
I need a dream analyst1,79841Nov 2013Mar 2014Sep 16
Education- the meaning of54911Jan 2014Mar 2014Sep 18
Success outside of CS.1,21039Jan 2014Mar 2014Sep 16
Shark attacks3,18981Feb 2014Feb 20149 hrs ago
The Best And The Worst Years Of Your Life1,80962Feb 2014Feb 2014Sep 16
Evolution1,03426Feb 2014Feb 2014Sep 21
The atheist approach to love they neighbour.61415Jan 2014Jan 2014Sep 22
Einstein’s theory of relativity.3,13881Dec 2013Jan 201422 hrs ago
If I said I was Jesus!!!4,098144Dec 2013Jan 2014Sep 23
Here is a scenario4,096138Dec 2013Dec 201323 hrs ago
Dan Brown1,32137Nov 2013Nov 201318 hrs ago
Palm Oil!1,85629Nov 2013Nov 201323 hrs ago
The Purge3,36347Oct 2013Nov 20139 hrs ago
In Australia55315Oct 2013Oct 2013Sep 8
Play Lotto 15 numbers for few dollars60419Sep 2013Sep 2013Sep 20
mobile phones2,41132Jun 2013Sep 2013Sep 14
Feed a Family of four!!!2,38161Sep 2013Sep 20139 hrs ago
Tomorrow!1,10226Sep 2013Sep 2013Sep 18
Dinosaurs and the Fossil record.52516Sep 2013Sep 2013Sep 16
Interesting Random Pictures3,17788Aug 2013Sep 2013Sep 22
So Adams fist wife was Lilith?2,53449Aug 2013Sep 2013Sep 18
The First Jesus?2971Aug 2013Aug 2013Sep 21
Comet Ison is on the way.54212Aug 2013Aug 2013Sep 18
A Tramp stamp!3,42154Aug 2013Aug 201320 hrs ago
Im over it!!!1,79454Aug 2013Aug 2013Sep 21
How do you feel about Telco sharing information?64813Jul 2013Jul 2013Sep 21
How much do you know about anyone?2,64764Jul 2013Jul 201324 hrs ago
Spaceship2,51162Jul 2013Jul 2013Sep 21
The female agenda4,943113Jun 2013Jul 20137 hrs ago

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