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Now that winter is perhaps coming6902Dec 2011Dec 2015Oct 3
Bedroom decoration85212Aug 2012Mar 20158 hrs ago
Minimum wage positive or negative?1,97068Nov 2011Apr 2014Oct 17
Losing weight4,14278Feb 2012Oct 2013Oct 17
The blind mans dream1,30432May 2012Oct 2013Oct 19
What is your point of view on marihuana2,603163Dec 2011Oct 2013Oct 20
A message from sanity6081Mar 2012Jan 2013Oct 13
Justin Bieber2,21554Jul 2012Oct 2012Oct 17
hard to get vs easy to get73432Sep 2012Sep 2012Oct 15
Belief is scientifically proven2,16650Aug 2012Sep 2012Oct 18
Why do you want to believe?2310Sep 2012Sep 2012Oct 13
Can you stay with a emotion58612Sep 2012Sep 2012Oct 13
Advice on dating1,08225Sep 2012Sep 20126 hrs ago
Love1,31228Aug 2012Sep 2012Oct 15
Shemales3,11134Aug 2012Sep 201212 hrs ago
Girls: When you are seduced1,11623Aug 2012Aug 2012Oct 19
Dating TV show3882Aug 2012Aug 2012Oct 13
Question for old men3,971132Aug 2012Aug 20124 hrs ago
would you buy the cow1,68140Aug 2012Aug 2012Oct 19
The Bible and the snake2,85366Jun 2012Jul 2012Oct 19
The three minds4854Jun 2012Jun 2012Oct 13
USA economy1,04026Jun 2012Jun 2012Oct 18
Motivation?4577Jun 2012Jun 2012Oct 17
Do you want a man or a woman who99334May 2012May 2012Oct 13
Virgins2,53761May 2012May 201212 hrs ago
The new world order1,48822May 2012May 2012Oct 17
European Union - the new Soviet?7126May 2012May 2012Oct 17
Living cost in your country?3,74473Mar 2012Apr 2012Oct 15
The complexity of Religion?6344Mar 2012Apr 2012Oct 15
Visiting hate and terror sites will be punished1,07521Mar 2012Mar 2012Oct 13
What is lonelyness2,62165Mar 2012Mar 2012Oct 13
Ron Paul refuse secret service protection6365Mar 2012Mar 201212 hrs ago
Talking about women84513Mar 2012Mar 201214 hrs ago
Anonymous1,38226Mar 2012Mar 201215 hrs ago
What God is #2 :)5410Mar 2012Mar 201218 hrs ago
Me, a spider, the elephant, and Eastern tradition67512Mar 2012Mar 201214 hrs ago
Law of the Universe1,81642Feb 2012Mar 201211 hrs ago
Old racist woman on a plane4620Mar 2012Mar 2012Oct 13
Swedish band :)6944Feb 2012Feb 2012Oct 13
Blow back theory9069Feb 2012Feb 2012Oct 17
Post US Empire collapse4,964140Feb 2012Feb 2012Oct 19
It's not about the looks - the meaning1,71753Jan 2012Feb 2012Oct 13

This is a list of threads created by olaix.

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