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British Soldier in London Killed in Terrorist attack6,103135May 2013Apr 2014Sep 21
anti virus3725Feb 2014Feb 2014Sep 14
What book are your reading at the moment?2,97655May 2013Dec 20135 hrs ago
women keeping husbannds name after divorce7,312128Mar 2013Dec 2013Sep 18
User names how did you choose yours3187Nov 2013Nov 2013Sep 21
Climate Change?2,13552Sep 2013Oct 20131 hrs ago
Does man flue exist1,55672Oct 2013Oct 2013Sep 21
need an answer very quickly im hungry what should i eat89850Oct 2013Oct 2013Sep 21
what you doing for the weekend come on fess up!1,38150Oct 2013Oct 2013Sep 21
happy xmas 20131,48056Sep 2013Oct 20135 hrs ago
welcome to tC and Chekers pub1,47842Jun 2013Sep 201310 hrs ago
child bullies3,64165May 2013Aug 20135 hrs ago
Royal Baby1,17823Jul 2013Jul 201310 hrs ago
The Returned2373Jul 2013Jul 2013Sep 21
Islamists in the uk73515Feb 2013Jun 20135 hrs ago
whats the most embarrassing things your children have made you do?80911Jun 2013Jun 2013Sep 18
The why do threads usually go off subject thread or are hijacked1,17423Jun 2013Jun 2013Sep 19
revolution4142Apr 2013May 2013Sep 20
Ray Manzarek dies what are your thoughst about The Doors3421May 2013May 2013Sep 21
Life for Killers of Police officers54714May 2013May 2013Sep 11
Eccentrics1,60150May 2013May 2013Sep 20
Do we live in a true democracy?57618May 2013May 20137 hrs ago
The Chris2729279 Thread1,07623May 2013May 2013Sep 21
is mr rick good at polls sorry could not resist lol78526May 2013May 2013Sep 21
what can you see out of your window?1,41331Apr 2013Apr 2013Sep 21
Best chat up line5649Mar 2013Apr 2013Sep 21
Middle east earthquake56811Apr 2013Apr 2013Sep 19
what films make you cry and your not ashamed to say so?3,15069Apr 2013Apr 201320 hrs ago
food stamps97220Mar 2013Apr 201314 hrs ago
Mad dogs5208Mar 2013Apr 2013Sep 16
Monarchy in Britain1,75454Mar 2013Mar 201313 hrs ago
IF you could travel back in time and change the past what would you do?99926Mar 2013Mar 20136 hrs ago
Sex pants90614Nov 2012Feb 2013Sep 19
The Death Penalty1,84740Oct 2012Jan 2013Sep 20
happy xmas irish forum4799Dec 2012Dec 2012Sep 18
Happy xmas51616Dec 2012Dec 2012Sep 21
what annoys you about the ENglish84622Dec 2012Dec 20126 hrs ago
Worst date ever87016Nov 2012Nov 2012Sep 21
Thinking of joing a Uniion51511Nov 2012Nov 2012Sep 20
What did you have for dinner latsnite, breeki or lunch4096Nov 2012Nov 2012Sep 21
Dragons den2511Nov 2012Nov 2012Sep 19
Occupations2080Nov 2012Nov 201215 hrs ago

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