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Who is looking forward to the USA 4th of July?62739Jun 30Jul 32 hrs ago
Do you prefer the classic golden era movies?29615May 5May 27Jul 6
If you are in a state of lockdown what is most annoying and also frustrating?54327Apr 14Apr 27Jul 9
Community interaction30719Apr 2Apr 4Jul 9
What are you most concerned about?2,519148Mar 3Mar 2317 hrs ago
What hobby of yours is assisting you the most in this time of social distancing?60237Mar 19Mar 235 hrs ago
How many have met someone from this site?52514Mar 14Mar 18Jul 9
what sucks the most??1,38525Jul 2017Aug 2017Jul 8
How often do you get bored?7797Jun 2017Jul 2017Jul 8
worst kind of fakes1,66255Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 9
r there more polls on sex or politics1,0423Sep 2014Oct 201615 hrs ago
consensus on release of sudan woman8811Jul 2014May 2016Jun 28
favorite song of Natalie Cole1,9592Jan 2016Jan 201616 hrs ago
which country.s opposite sex is most visually attractive to u4,900124Sep 2015Jan 201617 hrs ago
the new year1,8818Dec 2015Jan 2016Jul 8
do guys find intelligent women scary or not.....1,50446Sep 2014Oct 2014Jul 8
what is the poll breakdown lol7271Sep 2014Oct 2014Jul 8
k k....what about people who flaunt their mula9587Sep 2014Sep 2014Jul 9
what is up w domestic violence and athletes1,68445Aug 2014Sep 2014Jul 8
do guys find intelligent women scary or not.....3,159174Sep 2014Sep 2014Jul 8
fav pick up lines from guys2,05753Aug 2014Sep 20141 hrs ago
how personal should one get on a dating site2,014117Aug 2014Aug 2014Jul 9
freedom of speech....where is it at1,34429Aug 2014Aug 2014Jul 8
what r u most concerned about1,64671Aug 2014Aug 201420 hrs ago
if u could do it all over again would u...can only choose one folks!l1,06117Aug 2014Aug 201420 hrs ago
what is up w all of this media on robin williams1,71934Aug 2014Aug 20146 hrs ago
busty chicks ala natural....4,516285Jul 2014Aug 20142 hrs ago
the first artist you had a puppy crush on whether singer, artist, actor2,390107Jun 2014Aug 201414 hrs ago
guys who wear pink6,99379Aug 2014Aug 201411 hrs ago
vintage styles r.....88810Aug 2014Aug 2014Jul 2
should usa continue to back up israel military1,29435Jul 2014Aug 2014Jul 8
what to do about pests7934Aug 2014Aug 2014Jul 9
will obama b impeached1,848102Jul 2014Aug 201420 hrs ago
shall the 659 mil pkg for refugees pass6767Jul 2014Aug 2014Jun 29
modern love1,05314Jul 2014Jul 2014Jun 28
lighter side....fav weekend activity7069Jul 2014Jul 2014Jul 6
what should america do about all of the child immigrants2,995175Jul 2014Jul 2014Jul 9
lighter side of life...this ole house....what to do1,20019Jul 2014Jul 2014Jun 28
what destroys more things88616Jul 2014Jul 2014Jul 7
best time in ur life7555Jul 2014Jul 2014Jul 6
who was the most handsome in ocean 116016Jul 2014Jul 2014Jun 28
for the girls....only i guess1,55761Jul 2014Jul 20146 hrs ago

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