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"Don't blame me, i didn't vote Tony abbot'2,88582Feb 2014Mar 2014Mar 22
Whats your favorite song ATM.4885Feb 2014Mar 2014Mar 13
Christmas is nearly upon us.1,26329Dec 2013Dec 2013Mar 13
What do you look for in a partner.4,420124Nov 2013Nov 2013Mar 20
HARD WORK FOR A SINGLE PARENT.6,16068Mar 2012Sep 20136 hrs ago
HEY EVERYONE2,11961Jul 2013Jul 2013Mar 16
A New Direction.87430Jun 2013Jun 2013Feb 12
Happy Easter Everyone.39115Mar 2013Mar 2013Jan 31
QUEENSLAND The Sunshine State?????78129Mar 2013Mar 2013Mar 1
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI.3,246115Feb 2013Feb 2013Mar 17
Merry Christmas everyone.43817Dec 2012Dec 2012Feb 20
Merry Christmas everyone.1,99454Dec 2012Dec 2012Mar 22
HOME ALONE1,35344Dec 2012Dec 2012Mar 6
Where is Daggy and Lonelygal88327Dec 2012Dec 2012Mar 22
What are Australians known for.4,913146Nov 2012Dec 2012Mar 11
WHO LIKES TO GO CAMPING.1,15638Nov 2012Nov 2012Mar 20
Good night.40114Aug 2012Aug 2012Feb 26
This is what sucks.5107Aug 2012Aug 2012Mar 17
Some people1,03926Aug 2012Aug 2012Mar 13
Do you have a great childhood memory.?2,99296Aug 2012Aug 201222 hrs ago
What is the point.2,55360Mar 2012Mar 20126 hrs ago
OK YOU SINGLES.1,85445Feb 2012Feb 2012Mar 16
GOOD NIGHT ALL.65613Feb 2012Feb 2012Mar 20
Good Night everyone3248Jan 2012Jan 2012Jan 31
WARNING, DOWNLOADERS.7665Dec 2011Dec 2011Mar 11
WOOHOO, IT'S RAINING IN QLD.1,49659Dec 2011Dec 2011Mar 13
Where has jimbob gone?3256Oct 2011Oct 2011Feb 20
Where the "FARK" is everyone?1,01833Sep 2011Sep 2011Mar 3
HAS ANYONE?2,38492Aug 2011Sep 2011Mar 3
IF I WAS A CAR.1,20236Aug 2011Aug 2011Mar 19
OK BOYS AND GIRLS2,651111Aug 2011Aug 2011Mar 2
I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW, "Are men wary of a woman with kids?(infant or school age) Do we have a less ch2,48493Aug 2011Aug 2011Mar 16
Who has, have been though domestic violence4,392173Jul 2011Jul 2011Mar 22

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