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"Don't blame me, i didn't vote Tony abbot'3,10082Feb 2014Mar 201414 hrs ago
Whats your favorite song ATM.5415Feb 2014Mar 2014Dec 1
Christmas is nearly upon us.1,34229Dec 2013Dec 2013Dec 3
What do you look for in a partner.4,578124Nov 2013Nov 2013Dec 7
HARD WORK FOR A SINGLE PARENT.6,23068Mar 2012Sep 20136 hrs ago
HEY EVERYONE2,21461Jul 2013Jul 2013Dec 9
A New Direction.95330Jun 2013Jun 2013Dec 4
Happy Easter Everyone.43715Mar 2013Mar 2013Dec 7
QUEENSLAND The Sunshine State?????86929Mar 2013Mar 201319 hrs ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI.3,348115Feb 2013Feb 2013Dec 6
Merry Christmas everyone.46217Dec 2012Dec 2012Nov 25
Merry Christmas everyone.2,11554Dec 2012Dec 201215 hrs ago
HOME ALONE1,40544Dec 2012Dec 20127 hrs ago
Where is Daggy and Lonelygal93927Dec 2012Dec 2012Dec 8
What are Australians known for.5,111146Nov 2012Dec 2012Dec 4
WHO LIKES TO GO CAMPING.1,22938Nov 2012Nov 2012Dec 6
Good night.43414Aug 2012Aug 201217 hrs ago
This is what sucks.5527Aug 2012Aug 2012Nov 30
Some people1,11426Aug 2012Aug 2012Dec 6
Do you have a great childhood memory.?3,17096Aug 2012Aug 2012Dec 5
What is the point.2,64460Mar 2012Mar 2012Dec 5
OK YOU SINGLES.1,94545Feb 2012Feb 2012Dec 6
GOOD NIGHT ALL.71413Feb 2012Feb 2012Nov 27
Good Night everyone3488Jan 2012Jan 2012Dec 6
WARNING, DOWNLOADERS.7975Dec 2011Dec 2011Nov 21
WOOHOO, IT'S RAINING IN QLD.1,57559Dec 2011Dec 2011Dec 9
Where has jimbob gone?3536Oct 2011Oct 2011Dec 5
Where the "FARK" is everyone?1,07733Sep 2011Sep 20114 hrs ago
HAS ANYONE?2,52592Aug 2011Sep 2011Dec 8
IF I WAS A CAR.1,30936Aug 2011Aug 2011Dec 6
OK BOYS AND GIRLS2,794111Aug 2011Aug 2011Dec 2
I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW, "Are men wary of a woman with kids?(infant or school age) Do we have a less ch2,64093Aug 2011Aug 2011Dec 9
Who has, have been though domestic violence4,643173Jul 2011Jul 20112 hrs ago

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