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I need some IT help.....NOW!66219Dec 2009Dec 2009Nov 16
Have you finished your Christmas shopping?1,21124Dec 2009Dec 200921 hrs ago
British versus American English.1,99580Dec 2009Dec 200920 hrs ago
When someone writes.....1,55958Nov 2009Nov 2009Nov 25
If people are so perfect.....2,175109Oct 2009Oct 2009Nov 27
This made me smile today!4053Oct 2009Oct 2009Nov 28
This made me smile today!2958Oct 2009Oct 2009Nov 15
Why do people hide their country of birth?1,99088Oct 2009Oct 2009Nov 26
What does it take'1,56250Sep 2009Sep 20099 hrs ago
Thread creativity.97128Sep 2009Sep 2009Nov 18
Meeting The Folks1,04451Sep 2009Sep 2009Nov 22
Ukraine´s Got Talent4958Sep 2009Sep 2009Nov 22
Ukraine´s Got Talent.63410Sep 2009Sep 20093 hrs ago
Free Public Health Services for all.1,00720Aug 2009Aug 20097 hrs ago
Love songs for all you romantics.22,8781,000Feb 2009Aug 200910 hrs ago
I have experienced an epiphany1,30252Jul 2009Jul 2009Nov 15
I know I´m too old for this......1,29543Jul 2009Jul 2009Nov 12
So that´s why! Good news for the men, bad for the women.55712Jun 2009Jul 200924 hrs ago
Real names.87232Jun 2009Jul 2009Nov 27
So that´s why! Good news for the men, bad for the women.1,05049Jun 2009Jun 2009Nov 26
Until September43012May 2009May 2009Nov 23
Cosmetic surgery66420May 2009May 2009Nov 17
Sometimes I prefer the blogs3208May 2009May 2009Nov 16
Dead man (or woman) walking80830May 2009May 2009Nov 28
I need a date....2,250105Feb 2009Apr 2009Nov 14
The most wonderful gypsy on CS80628Apr 2009Apr 2009Nov 23
I don´t know how to DIY90433Apr 2009Apr 2009Nov 13
Separating work from personal relationships.81932Apr 2009Apr 200918 hrs ago
Ghosts from the past51818Mar 2009Mar 2009Nov 28
Ok, please explain this to me.1,67645Mar 2009Mar 2009Nov 25
Feeling a little sad tonight.1,03745Mar 2009Mar 2009Nov 17
My legs were removed....1,28461Mar 2009Mar 2009Nov 26
Have people accepted and given up....1,56569Mar 2009Mar 20098 hrs ago
I thought I had an admirer.46215Mar 2009Mar 2009Nov 10
The Beatles1,16829Mar 2009Mar 200924 hrs ago
I got the hots for somebody.1,35554Mar 2009Mar 2009Nov 26
Conventional good looks.3287Mar 2009Mar 2009Nov 13
EU Club Scene2372Mar 2009Mar 2009Nov 9
C´mon be honest folks72936Feb 2009Feb 200921 hrs ago
Love songs for all you old romantics35110Feb 2009Feb 2009Nov 27
Cam lovers1,01529Jan 2009Feb 2009Nov 19
7 years bad luck!!48310Feb 2009Feb 2009Nov 28

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