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brownies are done!!1,45058Mar 2008Apr 2010Oct 18
Good Friday?????58116Mar 2008Apr 2009Oct 18
LTRs2,10430Feb 2007Mar 2009Oct 21
Echos of Silence68218Mar 2008Dec 2008Oct 15
Do people see you as perfect as YOU see you??3,755153Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 19
Define a successful relationship1,21448Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 15
Why is a pastor hosting political candidates??1,83080Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 11
Is rock and roll dead??2,842132Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 12
America Idol82424Jun 2008Aug 2008Oct 6
hearing Aids48817Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 20
Just to stir things up!!76132Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 17 you really.......2,17582Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 5
My new laptop53519Aug 2008Aug 20082 hrs ago
is it true?????????3735Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 11
SKYPE....anyone??2,12485Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 3
lesbians...want a three-way!!1,09932Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 14
the bad side of a great sex life!!79820Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 6
Claayer was was Eupho!!!3418Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 8
going to make the effort!!75723Aug 2008Aug 200814 hrs ago
Guns or Doctors????78522Aug 2008Aug 2008Oct 15
I need help!.....are you surprised??78633Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 15's been two years...1,74656May 2008Jul 20084 hrs ago
this is neat!!56618Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 7
do you measure????????2,709104May 2008Jul 2008Oct 9
I tried to include everyone...let me know if you feel left out!!1,17231May 2008Jul 2008Oct 17
has anyone seen the MagicJack Infomercial???1,36919May 2008Jul 2008Oct 3
Is Ben Gay??79527Jul 2008Jul 200813 hrs ago
Change??? From O'Bama? NOT3077Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 6
OCD....anyone???4,361187Jun 2008Jul 2008Oct 13
what about Mama4,417160May 2008Jul 2008Oct 3
Friendship91227Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 20
Looks like someone is on the warpath again6980Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 8
don't ever dare me!!!3,167134Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 14
Former ladyfriend1,03125Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 9
I don't want to make love to you2,53695Jun 2008Jul 2008Oct 21
another e-mail from China!!2240Jul 2008Jul 2008Sep 30
Recipe Books anyone??1,15135Apr 2008Jul 2008Oct 6
Showers or Growers! Ladies???2,5008Jul 2008Jul 2008Sep 24
we are all adults......1,51551May 2008Jul 2008Oct 8
Don't buy cheap toilet paper!1,46150Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 6
the great escape!!4195Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 20
Are we trying to out spiritualize each other???3,231156Jul 2008Jul 2008Oct 8

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