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Early retirement?1,13426May 2015Jun 2015Jul 7
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Tractor appreciation Thread5,622113Dec 2013Mar 201415 hrs ago
I am leaving CS3,654144Jan 2014Jan 2014Jul 16
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When was the best era to be young? (15-25 yrs old)48811Jan 2014Jan 2014Jun 12
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All Day socks70617Oct 2013Oct 2013Jul 6
Hello, my name is Obsi and I am a .................42810Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 28
How many car crashes have you survived?1,89259Sep 2013Sep 201319 hrs ago
Most dangerous animals in Australia6,04789Sep 2013Sep 201324 hrs ago
Some classic oldies1,04528Aug 2013Aug 2013Jul 9
spelling2,65850Jul 2013Aug 2013Jun 27
I am Bradley Manning2,25841Jun 2013Jun 2013Jul 13
What do you think of the theory of evolution by natural selection, do you think it's correct?1,776115Feb 2013Apr 2013Jul 16
Who knows about hormone replacement therapy? Male/Female54811Mar 2013Apr 2013Jul 9
Tablet computers70622Apr 2013Apr 2013Jul 14
Anyone watch the NAB cup grandfinal last night?4229Mar 2013Mar 2013Jul 15
Dr. Bogle and Mrs Chandler case1,06119Mar 2013Mar 20139 hrs ago
Blog or Forum post?2655Mar 2013Mar 2013Jun 17
Misunderstood road rules - your opinion?90224Feb 2013Feb 2013Jul 14
Do you trust scientists/technologists?1,16414Feb 2013Feb 2013Jul 12
What's a a man to do?3735Feb 2013Feb 2013Jul 16
Men could never handle the pain of childbirth! Right? Or could they?1,90660Feb 2013Feb 201320 hrs ago
Fireworks3153Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 19
What do men find sexy?1,83541Aug 2012Oct 201219 hrs ago
Are religious/spiritual people happier?2,06263Jul 2012Oct 2012Jul 16
Any good jokes? Here's a good one to start off95418Aug 2012Oct 2012Jul 3
Name a Movie mark II50718Jul 2012Jul 2012Jul 16
Annoying - nothing on TV Monday nights86924Jun 2012Jun 2012Jul 14
Music of the 60's and 70's. Special!1,55948May 2012May 2012Jul 16
Take me back to the 60's NOT!2952May 2012May 2012Jun 29
Anyone have a Kindle?82928Mar 2012Apr 2012Jul 9
Who loves themselves?1,60441Feb 2012Feb 2012Jul 8
What's for dessert?42713Feb 2012Feb 2012Jul 2
Have you noticed an interesting fact....?80526Jan 2012Jan 2012Jul 13
Heading to Sydney3946Dec 2011Dec 2011Jul 11
How much did you spend on pressies?2,03363Dec 2011Dec 2011Jul 15
Feeling low? Want to feel better? Don't go in here.52111Dec 2011Dec 2011Jul 15
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