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Where is the best place to have sex?14,665152Oct 2006Dec 267 hrs ago
Which would you follow - your head or your heart?4,07360May 2007Jul 2007Feb 17
Is there more than one possible soulmate?1,72520Oct 2006Jul 2007Feb 21
Worst thing to say after sex10,668130Oct 2006Jul 2007Feb 17
Women prefer bad boys2,51522Oct 2006Jun 2007Feb 2
The advantage and disadvantages of internet relationship?1,61714Oct 2006Jun 2007Feb 20
Your last day on this earth1,18216Oct 2006May 2007Feb 2
Is your partner marriage material?1,1347Oct 2006Apr 2007Feb 19
Different Cultures1,96019Oct 2006Feb 2007Feb 14
What are the sexiest male professions?4,01258Oct 2006Feb 2007Feb 21
If Sex Was....3,30223Oct 2006Feb 2007Feb 21
Is it possible to fall in love with someone you never met?4,10541Oct 2006Feb 2007Feb 6
Five Letters, One Sentence Game14,921347Oct 2006Jan 200723 hrs ago
Can you think of any English words that do not contain vowels?1,86110Oct 2006Jan 2007Feb 18
Satisfying Relationships, Attainable or Beyond Reach?1,2674Nov 2006Jan 20072 hrs ago
5 Things that make you go WOW!2,41723Oct 2006Jan 2007Feb 21
Home phone, work phone or cell phone - which number is the most popular for singles to give out?1,2165Oct 2006Jan 2007Feb 7
Men73510Oct 2006Jan 20071 hrs ago
Good movies you would recommend others to watch?2,58120Oct 2006Dec 2006Feb 11
The Woman Men Adore2,38526Oct 2006Dec 2006Feb 17
Strive In Relationships1,3608Oct 2006Dec 2006Feb 7
Why men pull away?22,04328Oct 2006Dec 2006Feb 17
If the ability to Love Unconditionally could be given to to you...9214Oct 2006Nov 2006Feb 18
Who take the longest to return your phone call?1,5117Oct 2006Nov 2006Feb 5
Are There Any Rules to Feeling Sensual ?1,3465Oct 2006Nov 2006Feb 12
Relationships8446Oct 2006Nov 2006Feb 7
To Compromise or Not to Compromise?1,2856Nov 2006Nov 2006Feb 17
Dating1,2703Oct 2006Nov 2006Feb 17
Following heart or head?1,5065Oct 2006Nov 2006Feb 15
Closed your eyes imagine yourself in a car1,32820Oct 2006Nov 2006Feb 20
What Men Want Single Women to Know?1,2763Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 2
Food of love6121Oct 2006Oct 200614 hrs ago
Can you name a word which uses the same vowel 5 times to spell it?1,4244Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 18
Is the word “Love” overused1,5684Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 20
Women3,15341Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 15
What do you do when things go wrong?1,2248Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 16
Can chemistry be created?5590Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 16
Love- If love is blind....1,12112Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 14
Why do questions help us get more out of life?9122Oct 2006Oct 20067 hrs ago
Whose short game would you want - Phil's or Tiger's? (Golf)6561Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 13
Can you keep a secret?3120Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 12
The Love Test3872Oct 2006Oct 2006Feb 17

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