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How can I cancel my membership pemenantly from Connecting Singles?3,66033Aug 2015Aug 20158 hrs ago
Viagra or Flibanserin3966Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 14
s*xual History74622Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 10
Lies of "looking for soulmate"2,29168Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 28
"Hasty love is soon hot and soon cold"1,31317Jul 2015Aug 2015Jan 12
Agree with me?2050Jul 2015Jul 2015Dec 7
If you cant sleep5619Jul 2015Jul 2015Jan 15
Whose Earth is it Anyway?1,50652Jul 2015Jul 20153 hrs ago
Love is nothin without .............2,45178Jun 2015Jun 2015Jan 15
If Connecting Singles is wasting time, why are you still on Connecting Singles?58814May 2015Jun 2015Jan 15
Why are you still on Connecting Singles?74014May 2015Jun 2015Jan 12
Is there anyone on CS who could find what he/she is looking for ?4249May 2015Jun 2015Jan 9
Is CONNECTING SINGLES a waste of time?3,53895May 2015May 20154 hrs ago
Neonatal male circumcision and cancer2,24766May 2015May 2015Jan 16
Is it possible for you77632May 2015May 2015Jan 13
Is it possible69720May 2015May 2015Jan 13
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers3255May 2015May 2015Jan 15
Peace at home, Peace in the world2583Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 10
All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others.3134Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 15
Why are you looking for one younger than you?52517Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 12
The 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli62319Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 15
Happy WOMEN'S DAY2301Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 12
Have you ever been in love?50913Feb 2015Mar 2015Jan 15
SYRIZA46015Jan 2015Jan 2015Jan 16
Love is nothing without ................49018Nov 2014Nov 2014Jan 13
A sauna or a Turkish bath: which to choose?3777Sep 2014Nov 2014Jan 10
SAY NO TO ISLAMOPHOBIA1,71035Oct 2014Nov 2014Jan 16
A successful relationship1,82549Oct 2014Oct 201424 hrs ago
Local Members- women in Turkey1710Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 9
ANTALYA2,28567Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 15
Love is nothing without ...96720Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 12
Are you more equal than others?73623Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 13
Are you unattainable?1,15846Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 15
Which wolf will win?1880Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 14
SAY NO TO RACISM67812Jul 2014Aug 2014Jan 15

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