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Which movie character would you like to live next door to?1,93547Aug 2013Oct 3124 hrs ago
Which alien would you want to go out on a date with?80322Jun 2012Oct 7Jan 19
Which celebrity and weapon would you want to have during a zombie attack?82912Jun 2012Sep 273 hrs ago
10 things I'd do if I had my own clone.3482Oct 2012Sep 13Jan 20
Which food item would you eat on a dare?1,64528Jun 2012May 30Jan 18
The Top 10 Reasons To Run Screaming From A Date.6707May 2012May 27Jan 9
#2. Which stunt would you do for $100.000?1,5303Jun 2012May 26Jan 16
Which characters would you want to car pool with?6404Jun 2012Feb 2017Jan 21
Which type of bug would you want in your house if you were forced to chose?68810Jun 2012Feb 2017Jan 21
Who do you think is the strongest?9148Jun 2012Jan 2017Jan 21
Which is your favorite icon?1,13519Oct 2012Apr 2014Jan 21
If Hitler or Stalin were alive and running for office what party would they be in?1,86242Dec 2012Oct 2013Jan 21
Which mythical creature would you want to have as a pet?1,92072Jul 2012Oct 2013Jan 16
Opinion Poll #2. Man VS Machine.3343Aug 2013Aug 201313 hrs ago
opinion poll.56212Aug 2013Aug 2013Dec 27
Honk if you hate politicians.1,63230Jul 2012Jun 2013Jan 14
What technological achievement will we see within the next 10 years?1,66669Sep 2012Feb 2013Jan 17
Which seem more unlikely?8094Feb 2013Feb 2013Jan 16
How would you rate a compliment from your boss?2,9805Jan 2013Feb 20139 hrs ago
Which villian from the past would you want to beat up in a fist fight?8596Jan 2013Jan 2013Jan 17
2012 Current Events Quiz.3091Jan 2013Jan 2013Jan 7
It's the most wonderful time of the year.4061Nov 2012Nov 201212 hrs ago
Which quality would you look for in a date?1,18022Nov 2012Nov 2012Jan 17
The 12 Days Of Christmas.5673Nov 2012Nov 2012Dec 31
Which gross food item would you eat if you were stranded in a lifeboat at sea?84012Nov 2012Nov 201224 hrs ago
Who is the last person that you would want to mess with?1,16225Nov 2012Nov 2012Jan 10
Which dish could you eat for a week and not grow tired of?1,09725Oct 2012Nov 2012Jan 15
What is the #1 most important quality in a potential date?77415Nov 2012Nov 2012Jan 8
How to tell if you're ghetto for Halloween.2900Oct 2012Oct 2012Jan 3
Which secret do you think is being hidden from the world?2,098104Oct 2012Oct 2012Jan 9
The Top 10 Best Movies For Halloween Week.4306Oct 2012Oct 2012Jan 18
What's the best way to measure a person's intelligence?1,66754Oct 2012Oct 2012Jan 19
Which drunken celebrity would you drive home if they asked?1,15925Oct 2012Oct 2012Jan 15
Part 2. Which drunken celebrity would you drive home if they asked you?4642Oct 2012Oct 2012Jan 16
Which person's house would you go trick or treating to?4471Oct 2012Oct 2012Jan 12
How to cook a Baltimore Raven.2,7535Oct 2012Oct 2012Jan 9
What would you do if you were quitting your job?6788Sep 2012Oct 2012Jan 8
#2. Which supernatural event do you think could really happen?8909Sep 2012Oct 2012Jan 7
Which aliens do you think we could beat if they really invaded Earth?1,43540Sep 2012Oct 2012Jan 12
How To Tell If You're ghetto. Part 4.5029Sep 2012Sep 2012Dec 27
What would be a really bad idea?1,07121Aug 2012Sep 2012Jan 19
Which supernatural event do you think could really Happen?82312Sep 2012Sep 2012Jan 16

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