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Is politics about people or power?1,22123Jun 2013Sep 13Jan 20
Generally speaking, is the United Nations doing a good job?1,40319Jul 2013Apr 2014Jan 8
Is doubt the key to knowledge?87220Jul 2013Apr 201422 hrs ago
Would you rather dump or be dumped?96219Apr 2013Jan 2014Jan 2
Sex addiction5,017104Aug 2013Dec 2013Jan 12
When your partner gains weight.6,887161Aug 2013Dec 2013Jan 5
Which do you prefer?1,60630Jun 2013Nov 2013Jan 7
Is marriage at risk?3,02781Jul 2013Nov 20133 hrs ago
Smokers, which brand?83054Aug 2013Nov 201320 hrs ago
Global warming1,25655Sep 2013Oct 2013Jan 19
Are Bait Cars A Form of Entrapment?1,08720Aug 2013Oct 2013Jan 10
Do women like persistent men?1,67510Sep 2013Oct 2013Jan 20
Which is superior?1,46386May 2013Oct 2013Jan 7
Would you give CPR to a dying homeless person?1,588120Aug 2013Oct 20132 hrs ago
Have you ever been late to work because you were busy on CS?70913Aug 2013Sep 2013Jan 19
Should adults have the right to carry a concealed weapon?2,180156Aug 2013Sep 201314 hrs ago
A "SEPERATED" MAN OR WOMAN6,306113Jun 2013Sep 2013Jan 19
MEN, What do you look for in a woman?1,801112Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 21
The U.S.1,12229Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 18
Why are you upset?67910Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 21
An ambush! Your first instinct:1,38042Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 17
Your attitude?1,34626Sep 2013Sep 2013Dec 31
Impressions4,719151Aug 2013Sep 2013Jan 12
Pet peeves1,69937Aug 2013Sep 2013Dec 30
Single or Married3,00769Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 18
I prefer...79919Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 11
Name your favorite1,00127Aug 2013Aug 2013Dec 18
Halloween is around the corner2514Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 14
Hypothetical situation87023Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 14
If you were to suffer from one, which would you prefer?3142Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 12
How do you react?1,06036Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 8
Does a man's role change in a woman's eyes when he makes less money?1,44260Jul 2013Aug 2013Jan 21
Should your partner be your best friend?1,28742Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 19
How do you live?1,32850Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 15
Let's just laugh1,69622Jul 2013Aug 2013Jan 19
Smartphone applications45813Aug 2013Aug 2013Nov 16
Parenting plans2080Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 13
Should non-profit organizations be tax exempt?1,02813Jul 2013Aug 2013Jan 15
After a break-up, would you ask for your gifts back/would you give back the gifts?1,17352Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 8
Do confessions make a relationship stronger?1,668129Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 20
Being Logical1,56640Aug 2013Aug 2013Dec 28
Does your partner need to know ALL of your friends?89048Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 19

This is a list of threads created by lalasierra.

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