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When your partner gains weight.6,919161Aug 2013Dec 201317 mins ago
A "SEPERATED" MAN OR WOMAN6,366113Jun 2013Sep 2013May 17
Sex addiction5,067104Aug 2013Dec 2013May 17
Impressions4,743151Aug 2013Sep 2013May 20
Does welfare promote laziness?4,295256May 2013May 20133 hrs ago
Open marriages3,82161Jun 2013Jul 201320 hrs ago
He wants more from me.3,69389May 2013May 2013May 22
Should Corporal Punishment Be Brought Back?3,1828May 2013May 2013May 23
Is marriage at risk?3,09281Jul 2013Nov 201311 hrs ago
Single or Married3,05469Aug 2013Aug 2013May 22
When you buy a vehichle, do you buy...3,00851Apr 2013May 2013May 23
Biometric Identity Cards2,85876Jul 2013Jul 2013May 23
American workers and Illegal immigrants2,74051Jun 2013Jun 2013May 2
Should All Parents Be Required To Take Parenting Classes?2,71363May 2013May 2013May 23
Vulnerability2,52375Jun 2013Jul 201323 hrs ago
WOW! American men.....2,43060Aug 2013Aug 2013May 21
If a woman is wearing a blouse that shows a lot of cleavage, is it wrong to look?2,37450Jul 2013Jul 2013May 16
Should adults have the right to carry a concealed weapon?2,244156Aug 2013Sep 2013May 23
Eliminating religion2,23038Jun 2013Jul 2013May 14
Should illegal immigrants be issued drivers licenses?2,228184Apr 2013May 20135 hrs ago
How about a quickie?2,13734Apr 2013Jun 2013May 23
Should women play "hard to get"?2,07562Jun 2013Jul 201323 hrs ago
Educating the opposite sex2,05752Jul 2013Jul 2013May 22
A single woman's bucket list.1,98537Jun 2013Jun 2013May 6
LADIES ONLY THREAD- Bad Boys1,942123May 2013May 201310 hrs ago
Guantanamo Bay Prison1,86449Apr 2013May 2013May 17
MEN, What do you look for in a woman?1,862112Sep 2013Sep 20135 hrs ago
MEN ONLY1,83248May 2013May 2013May 16
Do confessions make a relationship stronger?1,756129Aug 2013Aug 2013May 23
Do you support home schooling?1,734140Apr 2013May 2013May 22
Let's just laugh1,72922Jul 2013Aug 2013May 22
Is it smart to use sex or s*xual favors as a reward or bribe?1,71941Jun 2013Jul 2013May 20
Pet peeves1,71837Aug 2013Sep 20132 hrs ago
Career Women1,71271May 2013May 201319 hrs ago
Do women like persistent men?1,69610Sep 2013Oct 201317 hrs ago
Would you give CPR to a dying homeless person?1,628120Aug 2013Oct 20133 hrs ago
Which do you prefer?1,62530Jun 2013Nov 2013May 21
Is money the root of all evil?1,59853Jun 2013Jul 2013May 18
Being Logical1,58040Aug 2013Aug 2013May 20
When you are in a relationship, do you disclose everything to your partner?1,54569Jul 2013Jul 2013May 19
Which is superior?1,49986May 2013Oct 20132 hrs ago
Saving the human race1,48432May 2013Jun 2013May 6

This is a list of threads created by lalasierra, ordered by Most Viewed.

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