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The Interview8096Mar 2008May 2010Sep 24
Confession . . .4817Mar 2008Apr 2010Sep 17
Why I fired my Secretary . . .1,18224Mar 2008Apr 2010Oct 2
Just fired . . .5704Mar 2008Apr 2010Oct 2
High Blood Pressure . . .3884Mar 2008Dec 2009Sep 15
Haircut . . .4507Mar 2008Dec 2009Sep 5
Heard during a plane's landing4387Feb 2009Feb 20092 hrs ago
What smells?!?!?3364Feb 2009Feb 2009Oct 1
Letting out ...3986Feb 2009Feb 2009Sep 21
Heard in Court2794Feb 2009Feb 2009Sep 14
The Italian Secret for a Long Marriage1,10612Feb 2009Feb 2009Sep 10
Goes Without Saying . . .3338Jan 2009Jan 2009Oct 5
Kids' Wisdom?!?!?2100Jan 2009Jan 2009Sep 24
Heard in Court2953Jan 2009Jan 2009Oct 1
Playing Weeweechu52711Sep 2008Dec 2008Sep 26
Sex and Housework4858Dec 2008Dec 2008Sep 23
Write a word beginning with the last letter of the previous one. 2nd part5,249390Oct 2008Dec 2008Oct 5
It happend in Heaven3535Dec 2008Dec 2008Sep 25
Tradition2043Dec 2008Dec 2008Jul 28
Mastering English1981Dec 2008Dec 2008Sep 2
Why do ...2582Dec 2008Dec 200813 hrs ago
Going to school . .2471Nov 2008Nov 2008Sep 24
At a funeral . . .3479Nov 2008Nov 2008Sep 22
First time . . .1,00023Nov 2008Nov 2008Sep 29
Funny Quotes3114Nov 2008Nov 2008Sep 26
A Woman's Perfect Day4437Nov 2008Nov 2008Sep 27
A Man's Perfect Day4,80512Nov 2008Nov 2008Oct 1
The Missionary . . .3145Nov 2008Nov 2008Sep 16
He said, She said48712Oct 2008Oct 2008Oct 3
Japanese banks crisis49210Sep 2008Oct 2008Oct 3
Boat stop2511Oct 2008Oct 2008Sep 13
The soldier and the nun2823Oct 2008Oct 2008Sep 24
Heard at a restaurant3302Oct 2008Oct 2008Sep 29
Important Emails . . .3368Oct 2008Oct 2008Sep 25
Alcohol Warnings3323Oct 2008Oct 2008Sep 11
Sense of Freshness5126Jul 2008Oct 2008Oct 2
Food Order44912Oct 2008Oct 2008Sep 28
How to act during a snow storm4976Oct 2008Oct 2008Sep 5
Hello Operator3064Oct 2008Oct 2008Sep 29
At an Irish wedding . . .4728Sep 2008Sep 2008Sep 18
Vacation changes . . .49910Sep 2008Sep 2008Sep 15
How to properly place new employees. . .4766Jun 2008Sep 200821 hrs ago

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