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Send an anonymous message #241,4621,000Nov 2013May 20172 hrs ago
Would you bite the person above you?6,402264Jul 2014Jan 2016Jun 18
Changing a religion67210Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 7
Do my US friends agree that USA have stirred a big shitt in the Middle East ?3,197104Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 18
Show must go on!70412Jun 2015Jun 2015Jun 15
Why most young ladies look so dumb when taking selfies?1,45339Apr 2015Apr 2015Jun 14
Americans?1,19224Apr 2015Apr 2015Jun 10
Women are so selfish nowadays.14,524486Nov 2014Feb 201511 hrs ago
Erdogan's new a thousand room palace.3,531112Jan 2015Feb 2015Jun 18
Stop it.(for men)3,520134Dec 2014Feb 2015Jun 18
Who is the greatest football player of all time?2,39059Jun 2014Jan 201518 hrs ago
Please help with Youtube?1,55053Dec 2014Dec 20145 hrs ago
If a young man is attracted to 10-20 years older ladies than ladies of his own age or younger2,424113Nov 2014Dec 2014Jun 17
Nuclear deal with Iran.good deal or a bad deal?Why Israel is'nt happy with it?2,773233Nov 2013Nov 201410 hrs ago
How many first contact mails a week you get from decent CS members?1,38242Nov 2014Nov 2014Jun 16
Question for the ladies.1,40625Oct 2014Nov 201417 hrs ago
Who was the worse?1,13521Nov 2014Nov 2014Jun 1
I have a problem with Youtube.1,13730Oct 2014Nov 2014Jun 7
Is there any woman left in the west who likes Alfa male?3,936146Oct 2014Nov 2014Jun 18
ISIS is a good chance for the world.1,80884Oct 2014Oct 2014Jun 4
On what based human moral codes,if no religion?1,40942Sep 2014Sep 2014Jun 17
You must have sex first and then we can talk about marriage.1,47948Sep 2014Sep 2014Jun 2
Name a job that ,you would never do no matter how high the payent is.67022Sep 2014Sep 201420 hrs ago
Nasa VS mango plants!71721Sep 2014Sep 2014Jun 18
Who is behind ISIS?2,50798Jun 2014Sep 201420 hrs ago
Nude pics of CSers.5,382101Apr 2014Aug 2014Jun 18
If you had to chose living your next life in any movie charachter's life,2969Aug 2014Aug 2014Jun 11
Do jews really think that they are God's choosen people?2,05563Aug 2014Aug 2014Jun 18
Do you know God?1,45736Aug 2014Aug 201421 hrs ago
Is this a power of the US Army?Shame!2903Aug 2014Aug 2014Jun 15
Who is your historical hero?1,07227Aug 2014Aug 2014Jun 18
Turkey got a new president.43012Aug 2014Aug 2014Jun 6
What's the strangest country/nation in the world?2,48659Apr 2014Aug 2014Jun 15
You ll been lied.Not Germany but North Korea wins the World Cup 2014.3145Jul 2014Jul 2014Jun 14
How was your last date?53115Jun 2014Jul 2014Jun 3
Neighbours wife.2,895109May 2014Jul 2014Jun 18
BJ97623Jul 2014Jul 2014Jun 17
Men,who watch football all their are dumb.2,5767Jun 2014Jul 2014Jun 18
Post your best joke,please....3277Jun 2014Jun 2014May 28
Do you believe afterlife afterlife?2,14899Jun 2014Jun 2014Jun 12
Which national team will you support?42611Jun 2014Jun 2014Jun 13
Why so many Irish here?2,00950Jun 2014Jun 20143 hrs ago

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