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I died today!5,41660Jan 2012Jun 2016Oct 12
Garden!?2,16830Mar 2012Apr 201218 hrs ago
Why zebras have stripes?2,29380Feb 2012Mar 2012Oct 12
Let's start with Assicons1,0009Feb 2012Feb 201219 hrs ago
USA ability...10,058338Feb 2012Feb 2012Oct 17
~ If you had ...~1,94060Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 19
~ Rape a man!?????????!!!!!!!!!! ~4,422133Dec 2010Jan 2011Oct 4
~How much it taks to stay patient? ~1,97066Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 3
Big boobs or2,25479Dec 2009Jan 20108 hrs ago
~An explonation Why did a chicken cross the road~4675Dec 2009Dec 2009Sep 28
~I need an advice!~74813Dec 2009Dec 200919 hrs ago
~Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women~1,79563Dec 2009Dec 2009Oct 11
~Cabinetmakers I need your advice~94835Dec 2009Dec 2009Oct 5
~~What is wrong with you Americans?~~22,747672Feb 2008Dec 200916 hrs ago
~Abracadabra !!!!!!!!!!!!!~63310Dec 2009Dec 2009Oct 15
HotSingleDude what do you think about it?4175Nov 2009Nov 20092 hrs ago
-- Kuwait and USA obesity and overweigt crisis --1,05133Oct 2009Nov 200916 hrs ago
~~ Quote of the day ~~~56412Nov 2009Nov 2009Oct 9
~What do you consider to be the worst virtue in Human nature~1,28657Mar 2009Mar 2009Oct 12
~how to behave after sex ~90712Feb 2009Feb 2009Oct 8
~Our Demons~1,11729Feb 2009Feb 2009Oct 18
~Seduction in a freezing tempratures~55412Feb 2009Feb 2009Sep 25
~Inspired by Pretzlman (I hope I spell it correctly)~1,38653Feb 2009Feb 2009Oct 16
~~~ Stupid Question~~~1,00222Jan 2009Jan 200916 hrs ago
Do we have a Right to choose "Life" and Death?1,25541Jan 2009Jan 200922 hrs ago
A Truly Canadian Apology to the U.S.4,66291Mar 2008May 2008Oct 10
What do you think about Marrige contract3,73053Mar 2008Apr 2008Oct 16
Boycott of Olympic Games. Right or Wrong?1,6249Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 17
~~~Lady B it is all your fault :^) Bad Bikers Pick up lines!~~~1,38223Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 16
~~Irish Humour6086Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 8
All righty! Does luck of Intelligence .. lucks sense of humour~~5102Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 19
~~ I am so puzzled here ~~2,72364Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 19
Hell! People what it is with TRUST thing?1,51745Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 16
~~ Dark sides~~3,274107Feb 2008Feb 2008Oct 17
~Hunters! I need your help! Please!~1,44231Dec 2007Feb 2008Oct 16
~~What is the difference between Freedom and Liberty ~~65511Feb 2008Feb 200816 hrs ago
~~Back to the Cultural differences ( an example)~~1,39728Feb 2008Feb 2008Oct 17
~~ What game ...4181Feb 2008Feb 2008Oct 19
~~ I gonna kill you ... ~~1,40733Feb 2008Feb 200822 hrs ago
~~Try this experiment~~1,39742Feb 2008Feb 2008Oct 16
What I hate about Asian countries2,25453Feb 2008Feb 2008Oct 6
~Immortal Sex~1,52815Jan 2008Jan 200813 hrs ago

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