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happy sunday4245Oct 2014Oct 24Jan 16
Its time68419Nov 2014Nov 2014Dec 2
just a quick update2,897154Sep 2014Nov 201417 hrs ago
Hey Miss K2655Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 10
Whats up with friend requests2984Oct 2014Oct 2014Dec 21
Miss K asked4696Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 16
Anyone else24910Oct 2014Oct 2014Nov 26
goodnight1821Sep 2014Sep 2014Dec 6
Where is1,81690Sep 2014Sep 2014Jan 16
Well35413Sep 2014Sep 2014Nov 23
Good night all31211Sep 2014Sep 201416 hrs ago
Changing my ways just a little chat39013Sep 2014Sep 2014Nov 11
Happy Friday74636Sep 2014Sep 201416 hrs ago
So perhaps someone can answer4,629229Jul 2014Aug 201410 hrs ago
RIP39611Jul 2014Jul 2014Nov 29
happy 76 birthday34713Jul 2014Jul 2014Dec 30
ok1752Jul 2014Jul 2014Dec 17
OK I'm confused1,25141Jun 2014Jul 2014Jan 15
Some Micky and Mel snaps2,17175Apr 2014May 2014Jan 15
Mickyj and Melmoana5,291213Mar 2014Apr 2014Jan 13
everyone must1,69049Feb 2014Mar 2014Jan 14
My first ever and Abigail dont look !!69119Mar 2014Mar 2014Jan 12
State Elections1,03332Jan 2014Mar 2014Jan 11
How is your Sunday going1,55450Feb 2014Mar 2014Jan 15
Am I mr invisible97827Feb 2014Feb 2014Jan 13
Adelaide and South Aussies27510Feb 2014Feb 2014Nov 13
New Zealand to change82923Jan 2014Feb 2014Jan 17
Our thoughts2304Jan 2014Jan 2014Dec 27
lookin for you71918Oct 2013Nov 2013Dec 10
For lonelygal5,180158Sep 2013Oct 2013Jan 17
For Miss Merriweather39612Oct 2013Oct 2013Nov 18
Hey Serene77226Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 17
Welcome back81832Sep 2013Sep 2013Dec 17
Its really wonderfull1,17638Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 7
AFL Finals5097Sep 2013Sep 2013Dec 17
Last night95822Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 7
How about some rock classics3645Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 4
I bought78128Jul 2013Jul 2013Jan 12
just for fun quizz78014Jul 2013Jul 2013Nov 22
friend request4368Jul 2013Jul 2013Nov 12
ok a gym question53915Jul 2013Jul 2013Nov 25
Was asking1,06225Jul 2013Jul 2013Jan 13

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