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Ladies with bad breath and rotten teeth85023Aug 2013Oct 2017Jun 21
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Women in s*xual abstinence1,98243May 2013Jul 2015Jun 21
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Post your best burning violin1,64847Jan 2015Apr 2015Jun 20
Hyper smarty thread1,68066Jan 2015Jan 2015Jun 17
Fell in love for a firefly44310Nov 2014Nov 2014Jun 21
Missed opportunities will never return1,29936Nov 2014Nov 20144 hrs ago
If l were...3461Jun 2014Oct 2014Jun 14
Getting older4006Jul 2014Aug 2014Jun 17
A red elixir to forget your troubles3492Aug 2014Aug 2014Jun 9
Just for today ppl..two free drops of humor3419Jul 2014Jul 20143 hrs ago
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To read or not read..(short drama)3694May 2014May 2014Jun 9
Do not read38410May 2014May 2014May 24
What happened to the old UK chat box????2372Dec 2013Dec 2013Jun 20
A lab experiment ( true story )5092Nov 2013Dec 2013Jun 17
Me and my personal trainer.. an impossible love87512Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 15
Animals..have they a soul?1,11915Jul 2013Nov 2013Jun 14
Tagliatelle with sausages and porcini the third date dinner3746Nov 2013Nov 20133 hrs ago
Is the bj an act of cannibalism7,778148May 2013Nov 2013Jun 21
What do you think if.. having sex with a nice lady ..she start to talks about policy, crime stories,1,93260Oct 2013Nov 2013Jun 20
The courage to be yourself1,80742Nov 2013Nov 20137 hrs ago
Males privileges1,65336Sep 2013Sep 2013Jun 21
1 good reason to use viagra at 956059Aug 2013Sep 2013Jun 20
Bep-Kororoti3574Aug 2013Aug 2013Jun 9
Does exist a female form of thought?95912Jul 2013Jul 2013Jun 20
How long r you not invited to a party?.please do not read if you..3164May 2013May 201316 hrs ago
The true story of missy Mary P.5991Oct 2012Oct 2012Jun 20

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