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Eat meat or not?1,34676Apr 2017Apr 20178 hrs ago
CS is a Candy Store8,258271Aug 2015Nov 2016Jun 17
The most romantic thing3,39764Feb 2016Mar 2016Jun 16
Ever woken up next to..2,51956Jan 2016Feb 201624 hrs ago
you meet someone Perfect! in everyway.. but their breath stinks.. what do you do?2,91273Jan 2016Feb 2016Jun 17
Fifty Shades..4642Feb 2016Feb 2016Jun 5
s*xual Harrasment at work1,08035Feb 2016Feb 2016Jun 16
If your bathroom mirror could talk, what would it say to you?4,031142Jan 2016Feb 2016Jun 18
Hot or Cold?78223Jan 2016Jan 2016Jun 5
Have you ever had an Eating Disorder1,46631Dec 2015Dec 2015Jun 5
What is Freedom??4,018107Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 13
would you have sex with an Alien?2,16636Nov 2015Nov 201516 hrs ago
Where would you take her4,558128Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 16
ladies3,703149Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 17
Is a woman less of a woman if she doesn't have children?3,87093Oct 2015Nov 20154 hrs ago
sexy feet7,374186Oct 2015Oct 201520 hrs ago
X5241Oct 2015Oct 201516 hrs ago
Who Gossips more?2,517114Oct 2015Oct 2015Jun 18
Your deepest darkest secret6,860264Aug 2015Sep 20152 hrs ago
"I have a Dream"4,226152Sep 2015Sep 2015Jun 15
You're on your death bed...1,80750Sep 2015Sep 201511 hrs ago
Ashley Madison leak2,48165Aug 2015Aug 2015Jun 17
First Thing you see when you walk through your front door?3,729102Aug 2015Aug 201517 hrs ago
Freedom of Speech?6,587199Dec 2013Jan 2015Jun 18
My dream is Real87519Nov 2014Jan 2015Jun 5
oscar, what we really think!1,00123Oct 2014Oct 2014Jun 13
who's hotter? Bruce springsteen or Bruce Springsteen??72416Oct 2014Oct 2014Jun 18
What is a good age to Die?1,98268Sep 2014Sep 2014Jun 7
your favorite book or books you have ever read38910Sep 2014Sep 2014Jun 17
What color would you paint your bedroom, and Why?1,07235Aug 2014Aug 2014Jun 17
Planes.. disappearing off radar?91430Jul 2014Jul 2014Jun 10
I'm going to get both breasts removed10,865193May 2013May 2014Jun 15
What to wear!???1,52438Apr 2014May 201440 mins ago
what fascinates you..what do you collect?2,16970Apr 2014Apr 2014Jun 17
Your "Dark Side"2,52697Apr 2014Apr 20143 hrs ago
what animal describes you2,52253Sep 2012Apr 2014Jun 11
song lines48210Feb 2014Feb 2014Jun 6
Natural Remedies1,96941Dec 2013Feb 2014Jun 18
What would your reaction be1,71241Feb 2014Feb 2014Jun 5
what scares you?, what holds you back?, what keeps you up at night?90720Jan 2014Jan 2014Jun 11
YOU have a 2014 Genie!3658Dec 2013Dec 2013May 23
Bucket list54815Dec 2013Dec 2013Jun 9

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