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constanzaconstanza Threads (30)

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Good Bye Phil- (username - Detente)21,538515Dec 2008Feb 2010Oct 21
Summer vacation94522Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 10
Cooking and recipes1,52857Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 10
Loyalty & Faithfulness in relationships,.... and our sex drive1,76757Feb 2008Feb 2008Oct 17
Measuring your IQ1,10927Jan 2008Feb 2008Sep 27
Happy Birthday Friksmal1,42851Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 6
Which of the following personality traits has caused you problems in your personal relationships?1,85235Jan 2008Jan 20083 hrs ago
How great are we?1,09031Dec 2007Dec 2007Oct 1
couples1,54031Jun 2007Dec 2007Oct 20
Best Male Body on CS9,842311Sep 2007Nov 2007Oct 20
Atlantis1,44833Nov 2007Nov 2007Oct 19
Ideal setting2,03940Aug 2007Aug 2007Oct 15
Physical attraction2,29040Jul 2007Aug 2007Oct 12
Hello CS clan60613Jul 2007Jul 2007Oct 21
list all your favorites75111Jun 2007Jul 2007Oct 8
Tips1,58621Jul 2007Jul 2007Oct 20
astrology and dating2,67663Jul 2007Jul 2007Oct 8
perfume aficionados4050Jun 2007Jun 2007Sep 30
your favorite person ever from history1,82032Jun 2007Jun 2007Oct 21
long distance relationships3,21147May 2007Jun 200716 hrs ago
The movies9456Mar 2007Jun 2007Oct 21
Hypothetical question1,0509May 2007Jun 200723 hrs ago
Malena6275Jun 2007Jun 2007Oct 21
has this happened to you on CS1,35822Jun 2007Jun 2007Oct 9
Has anyone had a close encounter with the other side?2,52422Mar 2007Jun 2007Oct 14
Meat or veggies???1,83425May 2007Jun 2007Oct 4
Home Sweet Home7347May 2007May 2007Oct 4
getting to know one another1,35821May 2007May 2007Oct 21
sleeping with the enemy1,0166May 2007May 2007Oct 21
Wives vs. Girlfriends1,62326May 2007May 2007Oct 1

This is a list of threads created by constanza.

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