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I seem to never learn...1,04021Aug 2016Sep 2016Feb 20
Has anyone tried the new Windows10 yet?1,54669Jul 2015Oct 2015Feb 20
Knowledge Is Power.2410Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 12
I have a question: E-Cigarette Smoking3386Dec 2014Dec 2014Feb 16
Update: Friday 10/17..2920Oct 2014Oct 2014Feb 16
Things That Make Me Wonder... What makes you wonder?52312Oct 2014Oct 2014Feb 10
New ISIS Hunting Permit4483Sep 2014Sep 2014Feb 4
Diatomaceous Earth? Anyone tried this?2451Jul 2014Jul 20143 hrs ago
Tomato and Rose, dwelling together.80629Jul 2014Jul 2014Jan 31
Fighting the squirrels...1,57157Jun 2014Jul 2014Feb 16
ObamaCare2552Jul 2014Jul 2014Jan 15
Mexican Cornbread on steroids...1,14529Jul 2014Jul 2014Feb 10
Rose and her friends?68814Jul 2014Jul 2014Jan 19
Pestering Squirrels...1,628113Jul 2014Jul 2014Feb 17
7/11/14 Morning Pics of my Flowers....75612Jul 2014Jul 2014Feb 19
2 to themselves... Alone together!2270Jul 2014Jul 2014Feb 16
Guess What?2060Jul 2014Jul 20142 hrs ago
What is this: MEMENEUSHA2,25314Jun 2014Jun 201412 hrs ago
Happy Valentines Day To All...47714Feb 2014Feb 2014Feb 16
George Zimmerman NOT Guilty!!!! Agree or Disagree?6,469565Jul 2013Dec 2013Feb 16
A Final Tribute To Dude.2,06944Jul 2013Jul 2013Feb 19
Gays allowed to donate blood. YES or NO? What do you think?1,50734Jul 2013Jul 2013Feb 11
He needs to grow up, or go to his room....68214Apr 2013Apr 2013Feb 17
ALABAMA Beats Down LSU, 21 to 0 Shutout!!!!!! ROLL-TIDE6,5471Jan 2012Mar 201354 mins ago
Do I see a pattern of sorts?4065Feb 2013Feb 2013Feb 6
Jest A Little "Southern" Humor....5954Dec 2012Dec 2012Feb 16
Is Obama Up For The Challenge?5429Oct 2012Oct 2012Feb 11
A One Day In The Life Of John....6727Aug 2012Aug 2012Feb 18
Guess It Goes With The Territory, (getting older)1,12021May 2012May 20122 hrs ago
Who's Up For Some BOOTY???5040Dec 2011Dec 2011Feb 19
Should Food Stamps Be Allowed At Fastfood Restaurants?1,544124Oct 2011Oct 2011Feb 9
WHY...No Ten Commandments Allowed. Answer inside...4982Oct 2011Oct 2011Feb 15
Arsenic in apple juice?1,29623Sep 2011Sep 20113 hrs ago
OK, OK...One Thing At A Time.....4482Aug 2011Aug 2011Jan 22
HOW TO KEEP A DEMOCRAT BURGLAR BUSY.....4145Aug 2011Aug 20113 hrs ago
IS THIS WHAT OBAMA MENT BY: "CHANGE" ?2,39066Aug 2011Aug 20111 hrs ago
BACKING TRACKS to play along with...4517Aug 2011Aug 2011Jan 4
Guitar with 27 strings.....89814Aug 2011Aug 2011Feb 16
Why does a Democrat wear red suspenders?1,22222Jul 2011Aug 2011Feb 16
WAKE UP! .......Bet Ya Can't Laugh Just Once! FUNNY!69115Jul 2011Aug 2011Feb 18
Not for the squeamish, or weak!!!5186Jul 2011Jul 2011Feb 12

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