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Ladies what do you expect from a first date91255Oct 26May 1712 hrs ago
Ladies, How would you feel if a man read poetry to you?67641Nov 4May 172 hrs ago
Ladies what do you prefer97035Oct 28May 172 hrs ago
ladies do you ever go to the gym36412Oct 15May 162 hrs ago
Do you leave the toilet seat up or down1,00557Oct 17Mar 1819 hrs ago
Ladies and Gents what is most attractive to you?50929Nov 1Feb 5May 25
Witch country would you avoid visiting1,51957Oct 29Jan 712 hrs ago
Do women still need to wear makeup?98458Oct 25Dec 10May 25
Which type of threads and blogs do you prefer87139Nov 6Dec 4May 25
What is yout mood28010Nov 5Dec 4May 26
Which country would you visit85947Oct 28Nov 26May 24
where in the UK is best to visit45113Oct 28Nov 2658 mins ago
What would you do if coromation street got cancelled31510Nov 5Nov 1111 hrs ago
People what do you prefer2725Nov 4Nov 9May 23
Do you ever read advice on threads or blogs1841Nov 6Nov 6May 26
Who was worse Prime Minister in the last 50 years?2788Oct 29Nov 5May 25
Ladies if a man sang to you would you?26611Nov 4Nov 5May 21
If you were dating a nymphomaniac would you trust her?66730Oct 30Nov 319 hrs ago
Ladies are you looking forward to black friday?34116Oct 25Nov 3May 23
To cheer up the hard head sour puss up44926Oct 28Oct 28May 26
Ladies which of these do you like?45328Oct 27Oct 281 hrs ago
What's the weirdest music video you have seen? Post now1708Oct 25Oct 267 hrs ago
Flakey1220Oct 26Oct 268 hrs ago
These threads are becoming very misandrist1,39763Oct 21Oct 2520 hrs ago
Winter is the worst time of the, because?62133Oct 17Oct 2310 hrs ago
Why are some women so imature and sensitive?88440Oct 19Oct 202 hrs ago
Ladies do you like your feet2663Oct 15Oct 19May 21
Ladies how often do you talk about men? Why do you think about men?2834Oct 17Oct 172 hrs ago
Do you enjoy science fiction?2787Oct 16Oct 1724 hrs ago
Are modern women still femine? Are men still mascaline?1,92896Aug 2017Oct 1616 hrs ago
Ladies what would you cook for a date?37021Oct 15Oct 1615 hrs ago
What a woman's favourite part of a house?57838Oct 10Oct 15May 24
Ladies are you? vote now:)28013Oct 14Oct 14May 25
What do you watch ladies?24111Oct 14Oct 14May 24
Woman's choice49934Oct 10Oct 1117 hrs ago
Ladies what would you take with you on a night out2678Oct 10Oct 10May 25
Where are all the fun and flirty women3488Oct 10Oct 10May 24
What would impress you in a partner48123Sep 28Oct 3May 25
The desert walk1323Sep 2017Sep 3020 hrs ago
Is there life on mars1563Sep 2017Sep 30May 11
The trembling body23111Sep 2017Sep 2017May 22
The desert walk56557Sep 2017Sep 2017May 21

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