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How many jobs have you had?1,62453May 2011May 2011Apr 16
when's gemeh's birthday?77518May 2011May 2011Apr 13
heads up! spain earthquake!1,39626May 2011May 2011Apr 5
Rest in Peace Phoebe Snow74518Apr 2011May 2011Apr 16
Drinks Regularly3,294126Apr 2011May 2011Mar 9
Blah BLah BLAH . . .5,794223Apr 2011Apr 201113 hrs ago
KID KID KID AT HEART!2,47660Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 3
Vinny? Birthday?1,57250Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 1
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MissingLondon!50616Apr 2011Apr 2011Mar 13
Poles50312Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 8
the result of 70 years of marriage3686Apr 2011Apr 2011Feb 25
Taxidiotis celeb2,04146Mar 2011Mar 2011Apr 8
so....Charlie Sheen?2,24095Mar 2011Mar 2011Apr 8
chococherrie, is it your birthday?2,49884Mar 2011Mar 2011Apr 4
Teena Marie Dead1,11017Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 8
Bill Gates speech to kids3242Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 14
name 3 things21,061796Oct 2008Dec 2010Apr 16
Are animals smarter than us?2,10360Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 1
whats that you're eating 0914,840552Jan 2009Dec 201028 mins ago
is it your birthday1,25045Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 8
Miniskirt Ban1,65642Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 19
What is a 'spiritual person'?3,426118May 2010Oct 2010Apr 16
Where is Harleyquinn?1,63644Oct 2010Oct 201014 hrs ago
Romanian Witch Tax1,54628Sep 2010Oct 2010Apr 15
please won't you SAY SOMETHING?!24,5611,000Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 17
birthday ALERT !69319Aug 2010Aug 2010Mar 9
China's new missile96324Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 10
Lasik Eye Surgery1,77135Apr 2010Aug 2010Apr 16
Dying In America1,26931Jul 2010Aug 2010Apr 9
JAYGO'S SPECIAL DAY75521Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 18
happy birthday venusinsilk39110Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 10
if you knew BajanBlue4,18890Jun 2010Aug 201017 hrs ago
pain and agony5,414141Apr 2010Jul 2010Apr 6
Basketball fans75830Jun 2010Jul 2010Apr 8
BP has fixed the leak3608Jul 2010Jul 2010Mar 27
happy birthday frida2562Jul 2010Jul 2010Mar 14
cryin muh guts out1,87077Jul 2010Jul 2010Apr 5
Ways to deal with difficult people1,91546May 2010Jul 2010Apr 10
The Worst Words to Say at Work1,32031May 2010Jul 2010Apr 13
RE: world events; Am I compassionate?76220Jun 2010Jul 2010Mar 9
Strange Facts3,713104Apr 2010Jul 201039 mins ago
how often do you agree with the moderators of CS?1,11682Jun 2009Jun 2010Mar 28

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