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Have you ever websurfed a porn website and found you know that person?2851Sep 3Sep 14Jan 18
Exploding apartments92816Aug 2016Sep 14Jan 16
MAJOR CARIBBEAN STORM1,19867Sep 5Sep 1416 hrs ago
North Korea earthquake 5.1 double pulse31217Sep 2Sep 13Jan 18
Oldest tools found predate Man1,80036May 2015May 2017Jan 12
I am ROTFLMAO24410Apr 2017Apr 2017Jan 17
President Obama says he could win2,89588Dec 2016Jan 2017Jan 21
The Commannd has been given2825Dec 2016Dec 2016Jan 8
If your neighbor has a chicken farm and one gets in your yard, can you eat it?1,49223Aug 2016Sep 2016Jan 12
Carnival Cruise with Ebola66610Oct 2014May 2016Jan 15
Do you look at the profiles of women in other countries? Why? You do know importing one of them is9476Jun 2013May 2016Jan 21
No parents will let their kids thinking and talking about war4141Jul 2014May 2016Dec 25
MIB8754Oct 2015May 2016Jan 18
Read and Weep (or laugh) New Gun law in Maine4938Oct 2015Oct 2015Jan 11
Speculation: China may be getting ready to move...55514Sep 2015Sep 2015Dec 31
Do you believe your country should save money by dropping it's Internet connections?1,13213Sep 2015Sep 2015Jan 21
Private info or not?1,66644Aug 2015Aug 20156 hrs ago
Driving to America4361Mar 2015Aug 2015Jan 5
Man armed with AR-15 rifle stands guard at Virginia military recruiting offices3581Jul 2015Jul 2015Nov 30
Maine man dies after trying to light firework on his head70119Jul 2015Jul 2015Jan 19
Do you want your employer to begin drug testing of employees?1,50924Jun 2015Jun 20158 hrs ago
Women in Ranger School fail to finish1,20129May 2015Jun 20154 hrs ago
Pam Geller and Phoenix93225May 2015May 2015Jan 19
Do you need ice in your ice water?1,09611May 2015May 2015Jan 18
Amtrak Crash1,46041May 2015May 20158 hrs ago
Should Cuba visit Obama2663May 2015May 2015Jan 9
Do you have a two month supply of food and water on hand?1,55042Apr 2015May 2015Jan 12
US Residents What is the intent of Jade Helm 2015?2,23421Mar 2015May 201520 hrs ago
How many3284Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 14
Which was a better discovery, round things roll (wheel) or burn means hot (fire)7879Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 11
In the US, do you support 420 being made a national holiday?1,17926Apr 2015Apr 201523 hrs ago
China warns the US has under estimated the number of North Korea nukes.3084Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 20
Second Magma chamber found under Yellowstone2460Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 4
Email Senders ISP1,01316Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 20
Old emails, forwading and auto delete5611Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 6
what would you do if you discovered your date was a transgender person?2,916166Apr 2015Apr 201514 hrs ago
Drag queens launch suicidal attack on NSA1,0837Mar 2015Apr 2015Jan 15
Rule number 34294Mar 2015Mar 201517 hrs ago
would you allow a Transgender in your locker room?2,443132Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 15
Watching a Christian disintegrate under alcohol1,31227Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 21
Men - Would you keep dating a woman who won't let you touch her hair?2,48296Dec 2014Jan 20154 hrs ago
Another good armor movie3841Dec 2014Dec 201412 hrs ago

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