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CS Meet ups!6428Apr 14May 2320 hrs ago
Its Breakfast Time Again!!!!!!!!!!!24,370751Oct 2009Sep 201324 hrs ago
ANYBODY FANCY BREAKFAST?5,570176Aug 2009Apr 20138 hrs ago
Trying to keep a straight face .........Published by court reporters !!! :)4684Feb 2013Feb 2013Jul 16
Robbing Ba**ards4684Dec 2011Dec 2011Jun 23
CENSUS IRELAND 2011 !!!!2,39963Apr 2011Apr 2011Jul 14
Jackie Healy-Rae for President ???80624Apr 2011Apr 2011Jul 14
Happy Birthday Lorraine !!!!62816Dec 2010Dec 2010Jun 23
Anybody Watching Coronation St??.... Who would you like to see in the Explosion??2616Dec 2010Dec 2010Jul 3
"Missing Body"1,02641Nov 2010Nov 2010Jul 6
OMG a 20year old FEMALE police chief for Mexico !!!44412Oct 2010Oct 2010Jul 2
HIV Positive ................ would you tell????????2,04478Aug 2010Aug 201012 hrs ago
The Wearing Of The "Burka"4,364232Jun 2009Apr 2010Jul 16
"Is Personality Determined By Hereditary Factors"80226Oct 2009Mar 2010Jun 27
RIP Tomas mac Giolla34210Feb 2010Feb 2010Jul 13
Can Anybody Explain To me The Reason Why Jean Treacy Was Given1,47324Jan 2010Jan 2010Jul 8
Should Publishers Or The Media Be Allowed Pay Criminals For Their Stories???42917Jan 2010Jan 201022 hrs ago
Should Publishers Or The Media Be Allowed Pay Criminals For Their Stories???1701Jan 2010Jan 201021 hrs ago
"Houston We Have a problem" ????73126Jan 2010Jan 2010Jul 9
Oh My!! Worlds First Female "Sex Robot" Unveiled In Las Vegas6038Jan 2010Jan 2010Jul 15
Please Dont Forget To Feed The Birds !!!!62724Jan 2010Jan 2010Jul 16
I Wonder If The INUIT's Suffer With S.A.D. Syndrome ????1882Jan 2010Jan 201059 mins ago
All Government Ministers Should Be Made Live On Social Welfare Before Running Our Country!!!!!2,976228Dec 2009Dec 200918 hrs ago
"YAY IT'S LORRAINES BIRTHDAY"34817Dec 2009Dec 20092 hrs ago
"POSITIVE THREAD" There must be good things happening for people????1,26449Nov 2009Nov 200914 hrs ago
" I Lost My Bloody Phone Again" !!!!!!!!!!!!!1,00143Oct 2009Oct 2009May 29
Arrested for Making Coffee "Naked" in His Own Kitchen????37012Oct 2009Oct 2009Jul 7
A very Big Thank You 2 Nvosiris36614Oct 2009Oct 2009May 31
Is The Ceann Comhairle buying time?????62535Sep 2009Oct 2009Jun 28
"Prawo Jazdy" received 50 Traffic Tickets for3978Oct 2009Oct 2009Jul 15
"PROTEST" From The Community Sector40114Sep 2009Sep 2009Jun 25
Irish Men Voted 5th Place In The World As "Best Lovers"3,30286Sep 2009Sep 2009Jul 8
"What Do Ya Miss When Your In A Relationship"62821Sep 2009Sep 2009Jul 3
" Cheers Arthur" Are You All Ready To Count Down?2287Sep 2009Sep 2009Jun 29
"How Much Bling Do Ya Feel Comfortable Wearing"80954Sep 2009Sep 2009Jul 14
"The Kiss At The End Of The Night"1,14773Sep 2009Sep 2009Jul 12
For Feck Sake Mary Caughlin says...88743Sep 2009Sep 2009Jul 14
Where where you when 9/ll happened?83935Sep 2009Sep 200918 hrs ago
Challenge for Biffo!! (cause im not the violent type ha!)1,543102Sep 2009Sep 2009Jul 15
Why Do People Find It So Hard To Move On1,83165Aug 2009Aug 200921 hrs ago
"SUPPORT THREAD"1,42765Aug 2009Aug 2009Jul 11
Im Going To Turkey For A ...........36214Jul 2009Jul 2009Jun 26

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