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Can you tell after one date ?1,78747Apr 23Oct 8Oct 22
which side of the bed do you prefer ?89835Mar 14Jun 27Oct 21
AGE GAP94823Feb 12Feb 25Oct 22
Do you believe in an afterlife ?3,915145Jan 2016Feb 20164 hrs ago
More songs thread11,120668Jun 2015Nov 201512 hrs ago
How would you rate your lover in bed ?1,34745Aug 2015Sep 2015Oct 21
Online cheating site Ashley Madison site hacked1,23038Aug 2015Aug 201523 hrs ago
A pint or a glass ?1,00136Aug 2015Aug 2015Oct 18
Would you take a lie detector test ?54816Aug 2015Aug 2015Oct 14
Drinking at home alone84735Aug 2015Aug 20156 hrs ago
Beards beer bellies and baldies ?1,86435Aug 2015Aug 201511 hrs ago
If your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you would you slap them or cheat with someone else ?42013Aug 2015Aug 2015Oct 11
A night out with the lads or a hot date ?88522Jul 2015Aug 2015Oct 17
Collections for charity1,28044Jul 2015Aug 201514 hrs ago
50 ways to please your Lover3,596169Jul 2015Jul 20154 hrs ago
2 Phones2,149105Jul 2015Jul 2015Oct 22
A recipe for love1,53462Jul 2015Jul 201515 hrs ago
Post your favourite Film/ movie / tv show, clips1,15849Jun 2015Jun 20155 hrs ago
If you could turn back the clock1,39953Jun 2015Jun 2015Oct 20
What are you doing for the bank holiday weekend ?2,22299May 2015May 2015Oct 22
Who is going to replace Louis Walsh on The X Factor ?1661May 2015May 2015Oct 11
Whats your break up song ?2,16997Apr 2015May 201513 hrs ago
Profile faults1,12866May 2015May 201514 hrs ago
Is it possible to date without falling in love ?1,39074May 2015May 2015Oct 21
Should Ireland take in more refugees ?1,34050May 2015May 2015Oct 16
Should children living with gay parents be allowed to divorce them ?35918May 2015May 2015Oct 20
Women required for footing turf56719May 2015May 20155 hrs ago
childrens allowance and gay marriage ?1,04836May 2015May 2015Oct 22
You are trying too hard1,20942Apr 2015May 201513 hrs ago
Does Google make people smarter ?76125Apr 2015Apr 2015Oct 19
Tell me 2 things about yourself id never have guessed by looking at you ?1,70473Apr 2015Apr 201513 hrs ago
Boss for the day53319Apr 2015Apr 2015Oct 19
Should Phoenix keep banning Fifitrixibelle ?1,07254Apr 2015Apr 2015Oct 20
Dates from hell76421Apr 2015Apr 2015Oct 19
One night stands1,86793Apr 2015Apr 2015Oct 20
If you appeared on Mastermind72437Apr 2015Apr 2015Oct 22
Man Flu3153Apr 2015Apr 2015Oct 21
Top Gear should Jeremy Clarkson have got the sack ?2755Mar 2015Mar 2015Oct 20
Getting dumped by text85524Mar 2015Mar 2015Oct 21
Meet behind the bike shed2313Mar 2015Mar 2015Oct 21
What is your worst habit ?76233Mar 2015Mar 2015Oct 20
Are the people who dont show profile pics hiding something ?1,61449Mar 2015Mar 2015Oct 21

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