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Do you want to end up in a Geriatric Care Center?1,0276Dec 2013Mar 20163 hrs ago
"The Question Game"72,318956Jul 2013Nov 201543 mins ago
I'd rather have...8657Dec 2013Jan 2015Apr 20
Complaints Book.5,42262Oct 2013Jul 20144 hrs ago
Have you ever taken a self photo?6414Dec 2013May 2014Apr 16
How many hours do u sleep?82617Dec 2013May 20148 hrs ago
Your favourite is...?6385Dec 2013Apr 201410 hrs ago
How long do you wanna live?6244Dec 2013Apr 20142 hrs ago
Do you protect urself from the sun?6698Dec 2013Apr 2014Apr 19
Have you considered suicide as a way out?83810Dec 2013Apr 2014Apr 19
Did anyone ever really loved you?7797Dec 2013Apr 2014Apr 17
Do u hate x-mas?85313Dec 2013Apr 2014Apr 18
When was the last time u had sex?1,37732Dec 2013Mar 201416 hrs ago
Do you have a Smallpox vaccination scar?1,0286Dec 2013Feb 2014Apr 20
Is there a six-pack shortcut?87513Dec 2013Feb 20148 hrs ago
What will happen to Snowden after July 31, 2014?73918Dec 2013Feb 2014Apr 16
Which country has the best weather?99419Dec 2013Feb 20149 hrs ago
Would u vote for a woman for Prime Minister?81814Dec 2013Jan 201412 hrs ago
Am I crazy?1,34374Jan 2014Jan 2014Apr 21
Do you have any friends?6154Dec 2013Dec 2013Apr 17
India - Alpha Mike - Lima Echo Alpha Victor India November Golf-!6633Dec 2013Dec 201314 hrs ago
Why so many men refuse to go out with divorced women?5,479186Dec 2013Dec 2013Apr 21
Love is dead.1,69018Oct 2013Dec 2013Apr 21
How many days can a human live without sleep?1,44043Dec 2013Dec 2013Apr 21
Which country uses more drugs?5645Dec 2013Dec 20137 hrs ago
Best season in ur country.5415Dec 2013Dec 2013Apr 21
There's never no one here at this hour...4,614170Aug 2013Dec 2013Apr 18
How old is Harper60915Dec 2013Dec 201315 hrs ago
Where to meet a nice Amish man?50212Dec 2013Dec 2013Apr 21
Three word story.23,585165Aug 2013Dec 201310 hrs ago
Why can't a woman be a priest?2,13690Dec 2013Dec 2013Apr 21
Justin Bieber disgraced the flag.2,94176Nov 2013Dec 20137 hrs ago
Should cigarette smoking be banned?1,2747Nov 2013Nov 2013Apr 20
Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?7667Nov 2013Nov 201319 hrs ago
If u woke up on a nudist beach...5,23693Nov 2013Nov 2013Apr 21
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?2,015145Nov 2013Nov 2013Apr 21
The Walking Dead. Season 4. Episode 13342Oct 2013Nov 201344 mins ago
If a polititian admits to doing crack... does that mean he's not fit to continue in his/her role?2361Nov 2013Nov 2013Apr 5
Mary Good-Weather.1,17329Oct 2013Oct 201323 hrs ago
The Baby Name Game1,75256Aug 2013Oct 2013Apr 14
Question for men.1,47142Oct 2013Oct 20139 hrs ago
Should the president of a country wear leggings?1,07127Oct 2013Oct 201320 hrs ago

This is a list of threads created by Pom_Pom.

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