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Which Famous Movie Have You NEVER Watched ?985132Nov 10Nov 123 hrs ago
What Phrases, Terms or Words Irritate You ?5,290282Feb 2Jun 2910 hrs ago
NEWS : Physicist Sir Stephen Hawking has Died69638Mar 14Mar 17Nov 12
What A Waste Of Food!63234Feb 21Feb 2420 hrs ago
PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics33513Feb 10Feb 1312 mins ago
Stop the Presses! - Hold The Front Page ...57224Dec 2017Jan 4Nov 14
Eurovision Song Contest 20162,31344May 2016May 2016Nov 13
NATIONAL ANTHEMS (Best Ones)2,13636Mar 2016Apr 2016Nov 10
Naughtiest Things You Did As A Child5,198150Jan 2016Jan 2016Nov 14

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